Philip’s Stockholm Tours – An eye for adventure with a taste for the unexpected

Philip’s Stockholm Tours – An eye for adventure with a taste for the unexpected

Get the inside scoop, secrets, and a personal touch with Philip’s Stockholm Tours. Learn more about what’s included when you book a private tour guide.


Making the right choice

Like in most capital cities, finding a private tour guide in Stockholm is not hard to do. There are always tour buses and free maps at hotels. Travel books and blogs abound aplenty. 

A visitor to the self-proclaimed Capital of Scandinavia may be tempted to venture out on their own. 

But a private tour guide offers value. 

Private tour guides can share secrets and tailor the tour based on your needs and desires. They can provide the inside scoop in a way that a self-guided tour cannot.

One such tour guide in Stockholm is Philip Cary. His company, Philip’s Stockholm Tours is worth trying if you’re interested in small group tours. 

Your tour comes with a guaranteed dose of humour, which can be a lifesaver if you’re touring Stockholm in the winter months. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like to laugh in any weather?

Philip frames his tours through his joy of sharing the art, culture, and history of the city.


An experienced traveler and a fast learner

While he’s only lived in Sweden for four years, he’s an experienced traveler and lived in 35 countries before moving to Stockholm from South America, where he lived for decades. 

“I still have a sense of wonder daily as I guide and discover Stockholm,” he confesses. 

It is this sense of wonder that makes him such an excellent tour guide. A native English speaker, Philip also speaks French and Spanish, which allows him to interpret the city in different ways.


Be open to new ideas and experiences

The perfect clients for Philip’s Stockholm Tours are those who appreciate narrative history and are open to new ideas. Bikers are encouraged, and walkers are appreciated. 

Couples, mature travelers, families, and those with an active lifestyle are welcome. And those with an open mind are the most appreciated of all.

Philip sunk his teeth into 1200 years of documented history about Sweden and has read extensively about Stockholm. 

His background in literature made it a joy to learn about his newly adopted country and city. 

His approach to tours is one of curiosity, exploring with a keen eye for beauty, telling a good narrative, and focusing more on people skills than being an authority on Gustav Vasa. 


Every tour is a story

But even an experienced traveler and tour guide like Philip can have a lousy tour day. 

For example, he’s gone to the wrong hotel and left his clients waiting, and once, he led a group via Stockholm’s subway system and got off at the wrong stop. 

However, there is nothing a good cinnamon bun, licorice, or a Dalarna horse can’t fix. When self-deprecation and genuine kindness lead the way, those mistakes just become part of the fun stories told once the tour is over. 

By specializing in small groups, bonds are made, and strangers often leave the tour as friends.

Best time for Stockholm tours

Philip recommends taking his tour early in the morning or at sunset to enjoy the walk from Gamla Stan to Skeppsholmen for the fantastic views. 

He finds the light, archipelago, reflective sky, and rippling water impossible to resist for incredible photos. 

He may even lead you to Langholm Badet or Erstaviksbadet in the summer for a swim followed by brunch or coffee. Or if you’re after authentic cafe food, he may take you to the Wilmer Cafebar in Kungsholmen. 

And since you’d be so close, he’ll take you to the Mälarpaviljongen that sports the best views of Lake Mälaren. He’s an avid fly fisherman, so you may get a taste of that experience too. 

He also knows where to pick mushrooms and berries. Philip had a long career in education. While he no longer works in a formal teaching environment, a walking or biking tour with him will leave you knowing more than you did when the day began.

Philip’s Top 5 Recommendations

1. Place for a fika

Rosendal Trädgården is tough to beat. Or Cafe Pascal near Odenplan. They offer two different takes on Sweden’s Fika/Cafe culture.

2. Piece of public art

Picasso Statues outside the Modern Museum.

3. Walking path

Hmmm. Walking or biking out to Prince Eugene Gallery is pretty special. If you have the time and inclination Hellasgarden offers visitors and locals alike a taste of Swedish forest, lakes, and the natural lifestyle.

4. Museum or gallery

I’m a photographer so I have to wave the flag for Fotografiska. The cafe/restaurant and its view alone make it worth the visit.

5. Restaurant for Swedish dinner

Pelicano is authentic, fair, and hard to beat in Soder. For traditional ambiance, I recommend Den Gyldene Fryden, and for top chef cuisine, I find Oxen Krog an experience worth checking out.

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Author: Adrianne George Lind

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