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Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Stockholm-based Lola Akinmade Åkerström is editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm and is an award-winning writer and photographer whose publication credits include National Geographic Traveler (both UK & US), BBC, CNN, The Guardian UK, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, AFAR, San Francisco Chronicle, ISLANDS, Sherman’s Travel, National Geographic Channel, New York Magazine, several in-flight magazines, and many more. Her photography is represented by National Geographic. You can view her official portfolio, personal blog, or follow her on Twitter.

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Virginie Auguste-Dormeuil

Virginie Auguste-Dormeuil is a French native living in Rome. Mother of three and former French teacher, she combines her passion for writing, traveling and discovering world with kids on her website She is also a freelance writer.You can read her family travel reviews on her website.

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Danielle Blackbird

Danielle Blackbird is a theatre artist and woman-of-letters currently making her home in Stockholm. With equal passions for history, language, and the arts, Danielle is constantly exploring ways to create great art informed by scholarship and great scholarship informed by art. Favorite Swedish places include Drottningholm Slottsteater, Carolina Rediviva library in Uppsala, and the Medieval ruins of Sigtuna and Visby. You can read Danielle’s occasional musings on her blog.

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Leah Broad

Leah Broad is a DPhil at the University of Oxford, specialising in turn-of-the-century Scandinavian theatre. As the founder and editor of The Oxford Culture Review she writes extensively on the arts, and won the Observer/Anthony Burgess Prize for Arts Journalism 2015. She is currently authoring a radio programme on theatre and sound for Resonance FM, and co-leads the university’s Nordic Research Network. More of her work can be found on her website.

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Sandra Carpenter

A writer specializing in travel, art and food, Sandra Carpenter balances living in Stockholm, Sweden, with visiting her family in the US and her husband’s in Australia. She stays connected to her American roots by cooking Tex-Mex, is happy to eat Australian pavlova and now willingly eats salmon and herring. To counter-balance the effects of all that food, she is an avid cyclist. And to feed her passion for writing, she is at work on a travel memoir titled Going Viking.

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Natalye Childress

Natalye Childress is a California native living in Kreuzberg. Not satisfied with a BA in Journalism, she went on to get an MA in English, and now works as a writer, editor, and tutor. In addition to words, she has a penchant for road bikes, indie music, improving her German, her cats, obsessively reading and eating vegan ice cream. She is the author of a forthcoming memoir (to be published in June 2014 with Microcosm Publishing, editor of music magazine Berlin Beat and maintains a personal blog, Deutsch, Bitte!

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Annaliese Comelab

Annaliese Comelab is an Australian creative photographer with work experience in London, Melbourne, Sydney and now currently based in Stockholm, Sweden.  She works in portraits, performance arts (dance, music, theatre), events, reportage, travel and fine art.  When she is not looking through the lens, you can find her spending time with her family and cycling around the city.

To read Annaliese’s articles on STS, click here.

Annika S. Hipple

Annika S. Hipple is a freelance writer, editor, and photographer. With a Swedish mother and a Swedish-speaking American father (an “honorary Swede”), Annika grew up bilingual and bicultural, calling both the United States and Sweden home. Annika’s work has appeared in a wide range of print and online publications, and she also provides writing and editing services to clients in travel, sustainability, and related fields. She publishes the website Real Scandinavia: The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Beyond.

To read Annika’s articles on STS, click here.

Stephanie Hsu

Stephanie Hsu is a blogger whose other great passion besides travelling—is writing. (Even better: writing in cafes…) and she often combines both her passions in her work as a freelance writer. She has done editorial work for and AFAR Media, amongst others. She maintains the blog, The Thousandth Girl.

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Natalie Holmes

Natalie Holmes lives and works in Berlin as a freelance writer and journalist. She is the founder of Lo/Rez Magazine, which deals with the intersection of art and science, and writes about sustainability and responsible travel on her blog, The Horseshoe Nail.

To read Natalie’s articles on STS, click here.

Kristin Lund

Kristin Lund grew up in the Boston area, lived for 20 years in San Francisco, and now finds herself an American in Stockholm. She’s written everything from Star Wars books to magazine articles to legal briefs. She enjoys exploring the Stockholm archipelago and counts dog sledding in Sälen and beach explorations on Öland as some of her top Swedish experiences.

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Matthias Siewert

Matthias Siewert has lived in seven countries on three continents. He loves to travel and likes to preserve his impressions by means of photography. His interests cover street, travel and fine art photography. Strong contrasts and unusual perspectives mark his style. Matthias is now based in Stockholm where he moved one year ago for his PhD.

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Felicia Shelton

Felicia Shelton is a travel and lifestyle photographer who has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and has contributed to Travel and Leisure, Tom Dixon’s book The Interior World of Tom Dixon, Shopikon and Born and raised in Virginia, she left the country at age 20 and has been traveling and working abroad ever since. She speaks French and Swedish fluently having lived in both France and Sweden for years. Three years in South Korea really launched her photography in the right direction.

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Anita Tatlow

Anita Tatlow was born in the UK and now lives and works in Stockholm as a musician and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Stockholm on a Shoestring and her musical projects encompass songwriting and creating reflective music as one half of Salt of the Sound.

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Germaine Thomas

A published photographer, constant traveler, writer, baking enthusiast, and professional singer, Germaine Thomas was born and raised in New York City and has lived in Stockholm Sweden for more than a decade. Photography being her main focus and one of her deepest passions, Germaine decided to start her own website to bring all these talents to one place. Learn more about her work at Khrysos Photography.

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The Traveling Reporter

The Traveling Reporter provides information on various travel destinations worldwide including travel news and government issued advisories as well as inspiration and ideas regarding all kinds of travel.

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Kendra Williams-Valentine

Stockholm-based Boston-native Kendra Williams-Valentine is a creative at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is currently developing a children’s media concept and book, as well as copywriting freelance and maintaining the food blog:

She has been involved with Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and was selected for the inaugural inter-disciplinary class for their White Label program. There she represented SSES at London Business School for the European Business Plan of the Year competition with her business plan for a food product she developed. She has previously worked as a Production and Producer’s Assistant on major feature films for studios such as Warner Bros. and Universal in the US, as well as commercials.

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