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Eat Viking: Särimner on Birka Island

Follow writer Wailana Kalama to the island of Birka to sample Viking food at its newest restaurant, Särimner.

Street Graffiti Art in Stockholm

Photographer Annaliese Comelab takes us behind the scenes of a celebration of street graffiti art in Stockholm.

LAGOM Book: A Look at Swedish Lifestyle

On July 1, our editor-in-chief Lola A. Åkerström released the eBook version  of the long awaited book, LAGOM: The Swedish Secret of Living Well published by Hachette UK/Headline Publishing. Hardcover edition will be available on August 10.

Review: Yoga Tour in Stockholm

Writer Wailana Kalama tests out a new yoga tour in Stockholm.

Swedish Midsummer 101

Learn all about Swedish Midsummer in less than four minutes.