2020 Guide: Running Races in Stockholm

2020 Guide: Running Races in Stockholm

Kenzee Oller rounds up a seasonal guide to running races in Stockholm and some popular ones worth checking out. Updated in 2020.

Photo courtesy of Stocksnao.io

Photo courtesy of Stocksnao.io

Most people know that spring, fall, and winter months in the Nordic countries can be brutal.

From cold temperatures, inclement weather, and long dark days to endless snowfall, many want to head straight indoors.

However, outdoor exercise is one of the best ways to beat the blues during those long days.

Stockholm gives you plenty of chances to lace up your running shoes and head out for a bit of friendly competition with some of the locals during those long days with these running races in Stockholm and beyond.


Enjoy this 10k race on beautiful Djurgården in late March. The race is also a seeding race for the Stockholm Marathon in June, so lace up those shoes and get out there.

Täby Extreme Challenge—March

How far are you willing to run? The Täby Extreme Challenge will push every runner to their limits with 50, 100, and 200 mile distances.


Tough Viking—April

Named the first, largest, and most difficult obstacle race in Scandinavia, you’ll have your work cut out for you as you overcome obstacles created in collaboration with Swedish commandos. Are you a tough Viking?


Ultimate OCR Challenge—May


Photo credit: https://ultimateocr.se/

Combining cross-country running and obstacle courses, you’ll need to climb your way over 40 obstacles as you run through the woods of Åkersberga.



Founded 10 years ago, Hundlöpet Extreme is a race for runners and their four-legged training partners. It’s a fun challenge in Sundbyberg and a chance to enjoy a race with other dog lovers.


ASICS Stockholm Marathon—May

Run through seven districts of Stockholm with the new marathon course and enjoy the city of Stockholm cheering you on through every kilometer.


Younger racers can also get in on the mini-marathon held the following day.


This race is a race for the girls out there. Translating to the ‘girl’s mile’ this is the perfect race for beginners. Running one Swedish mile (10k) around the island of Djurgården, you not only get to see views from all over Stockholm, but can also experience running with just women at every running level.


Stockholm Half Marathon—September

This race is a bit more on the competitive side. As one of Stockholm’s largest running races with over 15,000 people, this is a race that is perfect for the history lover.

Running through the Swedish Parliament, The Royal Opera, The Stockholm Cathedral, as well as the Royal Castle, you will definitely feel history in the air as you run this 21km race through the city.



This race is 10k running through Kista. As Swedes would say, this is  a ‘lagom’ race, not too tough and not too easy, but just enough. Perfect to beat the rainy fall day blues.



This is Stockholm’s largest cross country race. With many different runs to choose from, the 30km run is the longest, and many people say that it is more difficult than a full marathon.


Photo by Lola Akinmade Åkerstöm


This is a perfect race for those that like to get dirty. Running through the forest during the heart of Swedish fall will not only be a beautiful sight to see, but definitely a muddy one.



Established in 1915, this is one of the oldest races in Stockholm. This 10km race through the northern part of Stockholm will give you a bit of a different feel than running in Central Stockholm. A 30 minute metro ride north of the city will allow you to see something a bit different than the normal areas of Stockholm.


Winter Marathon—November

Bundle up for this one. A run throughout Stockholm at the beginning of November may not be the warmest race that you will endure, but will definitely help you get over the depression of the winter months with some endorphin and one last opportunity to run a marathon in 2016.


Nyårsloppet—December 31

End the year with a 10k race. Bundle up for this one, grab some friends and get one last run in before the champagne and fireworks.

Better to start your New Year’s resolutions earlier rather than later.


What are some of your favorite running races in Stockholm? Let us know in the comments.

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Author: Kenzee Oller

Kenzee Oller is a Stockholm-based writer with a new found love for distance running and running races.

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