Wooden Bike Tours in Stockholm: Sustainable Travel

Wooden Bike Tours in Stockholm: Sustainable Travel

Environmental innovator of the year, Faizal Luttamaguzi, elevates sustainable travel with his wooden bike tours in Stockholm. Discover how Tours of Stockholm is revolutionizing travel within Stockholm and beyond.

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Faizal has been pushing the envelope for sustainable tourism in Stockholm for years with his company, Tours of Stockholm. Now, he’s winning awards with his innovative wooden bike two hour tours of Stockholm’s gardens, parks, and historical sites.

Not your typical bike tour

Faizal developed wooden bike tours to offer people a new perspective instead of a traditional bike tour.

“We got the idea for the Stockholm wooden bike tour after working with other types of guided tourist tours in Stockholm for several years. Many tourists knew that Stockholm was at the forefront when it came to sustainability, but few knew why. We wanted to change that,” says Faizal.

Tourists on the wooden bike tours cruise around the city for two hours. During the tour, they learn about how Stockholm has become one of the most innovative and sustainable cities.


Tourists get a behind-the-scenes look at the city while zooming down bike lanes that only commuters know about. There are plenty of opportunities to stop and take pictures of the beautiful sites around the city.

Some stops along the way include the first national city park (Royal Djurgården), the beautiful Rosendals Trädgård, and restaurants that are focused on sustainability.

The tour is a chance to understand the impact of sustainability on environmental health and inspire visitors to strive for more sustainability in their everyday lives.

Throughout the tour, visitors get to experience different parts of the city from a new perspective.

“We want to help make Stockholm a destination for the climate-conscious and promote a different type of tourism,” says Faizal Luttamaguzi.

The Bikes

The wooden bikes are custom made and crafted by hand by the Greek company Coco-mat. The bicycle frame, handlebar, and splash screens are made of sustainably produced oak, and the remaining parts are recyclable. They attract admiring attention from both locals and tourists while cruising around Stockholm and are comfortable.

The bikes are perfect for avid cyclists or for tourists who want to cover more ground than they could on foot. The tour takes place almost exclusively on Stockholm’s bike paths. Being comfortable riding a bike is a must and the tour is not recommended for people under 16 years.

Awarded as the 2019 Environmental Innovator of the Year by the Swedish Transport Administration, Faizal sets the model for creating and promoting fossil-free tourism.

The Swedish transport sector accounts for one-third of all carbon dioxide emissions in Sweden, which must be reduced if the country will reach the nation’s fossil-free goals set for 2045.

Innovation in the transport sector is desperately needed and should be supported by both the public and tourists to the beautiful city of Stockholm.

Click here to read more about Stockholm’s Wooden Bike Tours: https://toursofstockholm.com/tour/wooden-bike-tour/

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