Boat tours around Stockholm

Boat tours around Stockholm

Alex Dudley shares some of the best boat tours around Stockholm.

Boat Tours Stockholm Archipelago

All photos by Lola Akinmade Åkerström, unless where noted.

Stockholm is a wonderful city to explore by land but, on water is really where you see Stockholm’s beauty in full force. Boat trips are a wonderful idea for slowing down and taking in the city at a leisurely pace. Regardless of whether you are travelling with family, friends or solo, you’ll have ample chances for picturesque photos no matter  what trip you decide to take, because Stockholm spans 14 different islands.

Archipelago Tour with guide

This is a perfect tour if you are looking to experience Stockholm’s unique archipelago in a short period of time. The tour is only two and a half to three hours long, just the right amount of time to experience the best its beautiful archipelago has to offer. On board you can get a guide that will tell you all about what’s typical about Stockholm’s archipelago in an inspiring way, making the experience as informative as it is beautiful.

You will travel either by M/S Ostana I, built in 1906, SS Stockholm built in 1931 or M/S Waxholm III built in 1903. Both ships are classic and well-known elements of the archipelago experience. There is a cafeteria serving sandwiches and pies as well as hot and cold drinks on board.

You can find more information here.

Djurgården Ferry

This is a much shorter and less time consuming idea but nevertheless, it is a fun way to get to Djurgården. Simply hop on the passenger ferry at Slussen at the southern end of Gamla stan (old town) and enjoy the eight minute journey to Allmanna Grand by Gröna Lund Amusement park.

It is the perfect excuse to do all of your sightseeing in one day with all the ferry stops close to visitor attractions. With stops near the Royal palace, Moderna Museet, Vasa Museum, Skansen and of course, the ABBA museum.

The ferry runs frequently all year round and makes a stop at Skeppsholmen on both directions. Tickets for the ferry are sold in machines and kiosks at each stop, and SL public transport cards are also valid.

You can find more information regarding the Djurgården at this here.

Boat Tours Stockholm Archipelago

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Excursions on Lake Mälaren

Lake Malar (Mälaren in Swedish) is the third largest freshwater lake in Sweden with an area of over 1,000 square kilometers and a depth of 64 meters. It spans over 120 kilometres from east to west. There is no better way to explore this area than by boat, and with excursions daily it’s almost impossible to resist.

Stadshuskajen, the quay adjacent to Stockholm, City hall is the departure point for excursions on the Lake. Stromma operates day trips to destinations including Drottingholm Palace – home to the royal family and Birka – the Viking town founded around 750.

All year round, there is always something going on. They offer summer lunch and dinner cruises for the hotter months as well as Christmas dining cruises during the holiday season.

While at Stadshuskajen you may catch a glimpse of the historic steamship, SS Mariefred. The ship has been travelling the route between Stockholm and the small town of Mariefred for more than 100 years.

You can find more information about all the excursions for Lake Malar here.

Boat Tours Stockholm Archipelago

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