9 Cool and Unusual Things To Do in Stockholm

9 Unusual Things To Do in Stockholm

Holly Louise Eells discovers nine quirky, fun, and unusual things to do in Stockholm. Graffiti walls, floating saunas, nuclear reactors and more!

Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden - Photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström
Photo credit: Lola Akinmade Åkerström

#1 Sleep in a Jumbo Jet

Fancy trying something different? What about spending a night in a jumbo jet, on the ground, right at Arlanda Airport, Stockholm?

Jumbo Stay has to be one of the world’s coolest overnight stays to experience, and it is definitely something to add to your bucket list this year!

This Boeing 747 jet-turned-hostel sits at the entrance to the airport and has 29 rooms. It also boasts a luxury private cockpit suite and a 24/7 café and bar built in the former first-class cabin.

Store your belongings in an overhead locker, and don’t worry about them shifting during the flight.

The bathrooms are equipped with showers so you’ll be ready to hop on your next flight rested and refreshed. Try out Jumbo Stay for a unique experience!

Website: http://www.jumbostay.com/
Jumbo Stay, Jumbovägen 4 190 47 Stockholm Arlanda

Check out Lola Åkerström’s look Inside the Jumbo Stay Hostel

Photo credit: gustafstaxibat.se

#2 Bastu with a view

Bastu means sauna in Swedish and bastuflotte means “floating sauna” or “sauna raft.” Grab a bunch of friends and you can rent a floating sauna with the best views in Stockholm for a few thousand Swedish kronor an hour.

After warming up for a bit, hop over the rail and plunge into the Baltic Sea to cool off for a swim.

Floating saunas are popular in all types of weather and make for great group experiences to celebrate birthdays, bachelor/ette parties, and just for fun.

Only a few companies offer floating bastu in Stockholm—in the city and one out in the archipelago—so check them out for a unique sauna experience.

Website: http://stockholmsbastuflotte.se/ and https://www.gustafstaxibat.se/

Photo credit: icebarstockholm.se

#3 Enjoy Freezing Cold Drinks and Sculptures at Icebar

Discover an experience like no other in the coolest part of Stockholm. Housed in the cities Nordic C Hotel, Icebar by Icehotel is the world’s first permanent ice bar.

Part lounge and part art gallery, the impressive venue features a stunning new design/theme each year, which influences the innovative cocktails too. The interior is made entirely of ice from the Torne River in northern Sweden, and the entrance fee includes a drink and plenty of fantastic sculptures to admire.

However, it doesn’t have to be an adult only affair, bring the kids and enjoy the art of ice sculpturing!

Website: https://www.icebarstockholm.se/
Vasaplan 4, 111 20 Stockholm

The graffiti artist, aka The Sweet Toof, at the Springbeat Graffiti Festival, Snösatra in Stockholm. Art work is in collaboration with the Swedish artist Rolf Carl Werner.

#4 Explore Europe’s Largest Graffiti Art Wall Snösätra

One of Europe’s largest graffiti areas, Snösätra Wall of Fame, is something that is definitely worth a visit.

Street artists from all over the world have used their creative skills and transformed this formerly abandoned industrial neighbourhood into a canvas that displays a mishmash of different graffiti styles and themes.

Expect eye-catching images of people, animals, and objects decorated on whatever space available. The owners of the buildings are perfectly willing to let the artists cover the walls with their work, however, the future of Snösätra is uncertain, as there are plans to turn it into a residential area. As of yet, it’s still a refuge for graffiti lovers, far from the beaten path. So, don’t miss this opportunity whilst it is still there!

Address: Snösätragränd 1, 124 60 Stockholm

Be sure to read Slow Travel Stockholm’s article on Snösätra and go behind the scenes and see how street art is created.

#5 Explore an Underground Art Gallery

Stockholm’s subway is also an underground art gallery that offers something beyond transportation around the city. Sometimes referred as the ‘World’s Longest Art Gallery’ or ‘Personal, Mobile Art Gallery’ it has more than 90 Stockholm Metro stations decorated with stunning paintings, impressive installations, beautiful mosaics and sculptures by 150 artists since the 1950’s.

Art enthusiasts, tourists, and everyday commuters all appreciate different artists’ works at each pause on the way.

Photo credit: Jann Lipka

#6 Go Into the Belly of a Nuclear Reactor

Have you ever been inside a nuclear reactor? Yes, that’s right—you can go inside an actual nuclear reactor without needing any protective gear.

Sweden’s first nuclear reactor, R1, can be visited 25 meters underground.
The KTH R1 Experimental Performance Space is a creative meeting area found underneath Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Technology’s Vallhallavägen campus.

The reactor hall is exactly the same as it was when it was operational, between July 13, 1954 and June 6, 1970. Even Stephen Hawking has also visited this spectacular site. Restaurants often host tastings and there are musical events held in the space. It is advised to call before visiting.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/R1-Reaktorhallen-KTH/292348647459906
Address: Drottning Kristinas Väg 51, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden

Photo credit: Stadshuskällaren

#7 Dine Like a Nobel Laureate

Live like a king or queen for an evening and enjoy an incredible Nobel feast. Not only available to geniuses, humanitarians, and Swedish nobility, regular folks like you and I can experience the Nobel Banquet dinner.

If you have the cash to splash, celebrate a special event with views of Stockholm at the City Hall’s famous tower and feast away in the cellars.

The Stadshuskällaren, or the City Hall Cellars, is unique in more than just its location as it offers incredible menus from the most recent Nobel banquet. A novel venue where up to 25 guests of your choice can enjoy an evening you will never forget.

Website: https://www.stadshuskallarensthlm.se/sv/
Address: Stockholm City Hall, Hantverkargatan 1, 111 52 Stockholm

#8 Get Lost in a Narrow Alleyway in Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is Stockholm’s oldest town and boasts a beautiful maze of very old, tall buildings that tower over you as you walk down the twisting streets.

Designed before cars were invented, it might not come as a surprise that some of the streets of Gamla Stan are so narrow that two people can’t walk shoulder to shoulder without touching each other.

These narrow alleys are perfect for a photo opportunity or to feel a bit squished as you wander Gamla Stan.

The narrow streets are located between Västerlånggatan and Prästgatan, and the narrowest of them all is Mårten Trotzigs Gränd.

Did you know that Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy films were filmed in Gamla Stan and other parts of Stockholm? Be sure to find out what Movies were Filmed in Stockholm.

Photo credit: Stockholm Adventures

#9 See the City by Kayak

Not many capital cities are navigatable by boat, but Stockholm isn’t your typical capital city. With 14 islands to explore, what better way to see the city than from on the water? Stockholm Adventures is a good place for guided or self-guided tours as you can rent one yourself or take a two-hour trip.

Not only does it guide you under bridges and from island to island, but a kayak tour will also help you avoid heavy boat traffic, and it provides you with a wealth of history on your travels. It is suitable for both experienced and beginner kayakers.

Website: https://www.stockholmadventures.com/

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