The Geek’s Guide to Stockholm

The Geek’s Guide to Stockholm

Fellow geeks, rejoice! – Wailana Kalama shares some of the best places and experiences to explore in Stockholm for geeks.

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Stockholm usually calls to mind chic fashion, cinnamon rolls, and tech start-ups. But look past the brunch tables and Asian fusion restaurants, and you’ll find a Stockholm made just for geeks and nerds.

From board games to sci-fi conventions, here are six places to unleash your inner geek.

Science Fiction Bokhandeln

Fans of sci-fi and fantasy will love this bookstore, right in the heart of Gamla Stan. Drop in to admire its drool-worthy collection of books, DVDs, posters, art books and merchandise from various universes like Marvel and the Land of Ooo. Titles are available in Swedish, English, and a few other languages.  They even have a few Japanese grammars tucked away on the shelves.

Gamer geeks, head up to the third floor, fully dedicated to a hefty amount of tabletop and board games. Sign up for their weekly newsletter and always stay up-to-date with new arrivals.

Swedish Museum of Natural History and Cosmonova

The “Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet och Cosmonova” is one of only two natural history museums in the whole of Sweden (the other is in Gothenburg). Built between 1907-1916, its grand Baroque halls and wide stairwells are something out of a Victorian novel. The many exhibitions would delight any curious heart, ranging from taxidermic Swedish fauna to triceratops fossils.

Wander around and fairly soon you’ll come face to face with a whale skeleton! You’ll also find Cosmonova, one of Europe’s leading planetariums that also serves as an IMAX cinema. Be sure to check the website for current movie listings.

Dragon’s Lair

The delightfully cavernous Dragon’s Lair lies on the island of Kungsholmen. With its cramped sections and a labyrinth of gaming rooms in the basement, it’s the perfect haven for board gamers. They seem have every board game under the sun as well as a healthy selection of cards from Magic the Gathering to Yu-Gi-Oh!

Keep up with the calendar for daily events; their basement can host tournaments for up to 150 people!

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Comics Heaven

Take your time and browse this cozy comic book shop. It has dozens of shelves and boxes crammed with comic books and graphic novels, both new and old (from 1980). Comics Heaven has been open for 30+ years and is located in Gamla Stan; a short walk from Sci-Fi Bokhandeln.

Launched in 1985, the shop started on Södermalm as “Goa Gang Business” but eventually swapped out for a catchier name and a more central location. They offer series both in Swedish and English, mostly American titles. You can also pick up POP figurines, statues and other little gadgets.

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Tekniska Museet

Geek families take heart—the Tekniska Museet is made for children and parents to explore together! No matter how many hours you’ll spend in this Museum of Technology, it’s unlikely you’ll see it all in one go.

Check out the model railway, or learn what it’s like to be a refugee. Explore mechanics, light and sound at Teknoleket, or uncover the world of Christopher Polhem, famed Swedish inventor.

But you’ll find the most fun at MegaMind, a fun interactive area that’s all about hands-on learning and experiments. Let your little science geek run loose here!

Sci Fi World Convention

The annual Sci-Fi World is a celebration of niche genres: everything from Alien to anime to post-apocalyptic board games. Each year, it’s a bit different—December 2016 was all about Star Wars thanks to the release of Rogue One—there was even a life-size Jabba the Hutt!

Get your t-shirt autographed by a sci-fi/fantasy celebrity (last year, it was Boba Fett and Samwise Gamgee). Pick up an art book or have a duel with light sabers. Cosplay is welcome and encouraged, even go so far as organizing a “cosplay parade” every few hours.

There are all sorts of knickknacks: anime DVDs, autographed photos, steampunk goggles, comics dating back to the ‘80s. Have your make-up done up as a beautiful fairy or meet a “living” zombie from The Walking Dead.

Expect to spent at least a couple hours here scanning the shelves and cubicles for rare, vintage finds and new releases.

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Author: Wailana Kalama

Wailana Kalama is a freelance travel writer from Hawaii. She spends her evenings exploring her leafy district of Skogås and reading far too many obscure histories. Read more of her work at

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