Brunch in Stockholm

Brunch in Stockholm

Lola A. Åkerström rounds up several restaurants and cafés to try some of the best brunch in Stockholm.

Photo courtesy of Sthlm Brunch Club

Photo courtesy of Sthlm Brunch Club

Brunch – late breakfast/early lunch, hence the word “brunch”- has fully been embraced by locals who want to sleep in on the weekends and then have a long leisurely brunch in Stockholm well into the afternoon. Restaurants and cafés in town are gleefully selling American and English style breakfasts to often packed sold out houses. So much so that, when it comes to brunch specifically, most of them don’t accept reservations and only operate on a first come first serve basis with waiting lists.

If you’re looking for great brunch in Stockholm over the weekend, here are some suggestions worth checking out.

Greasy Spoon

From its blueberry scotch pancakes with blueberry and pistachio marscapone to a variety of poached eggs such as Eggs Benedict (with bacon), Eggs Florentine (with spinach), and Eggs Arlington (with smoked salmon), Greasy Spoon is quickly becoming the favorite place in town for a brunch experience including digging into the quintessential full English breakfast.

Café Foam

Get your fix of fluffy American-style pancakes piled high with seasonal fruits and berries and served with vanilla ice cream at Café Foam. It also serves scrambled eggs with bacon as well as a variety of club sandwiches with chicken, sausage, bacon, and avocado.

Photo courtesy of Café Foam

Photo courtesy of Café Foam

Urban Deli

Popular with Stockholm’s SoFo district crowd, this corner street cafe, restaurant, and store serves a tasty brunch during the weekends which includes scrambled eggs, bacon, portabello mushrooms, ribs and pork burgers. You can also head over to its newer Sveavägen location to dig into its brunch complete with Bloody Marys in a relaxed lounge atmosphere.


The isolated gazebo-style restaurant/event location stands atop its very own hill surrounded by perfectly manicured trees and spectacular views looking across over to the lush green island of Djurgården, Gamla stan in the distance, and amusement park Gröna lund.

On the weekends, you can dig into its classic gluten-free brunch buffet with seasonal ingredients. Along with a variety of fresh breads, croissants, and pastries, you’ll find a smörgåsbord with pickled herring (sill), smoked salmon, Eggs Benedict, bacon, BBQ ribs, as well as the occasional paella, seafood gratins, and more.


A traditional Swedish restaurant on the island of Södermalm which serves a weekend brunch buffet complete with classics from a smorgasbord such as meatballs, egg and anchovy salad called gubbröra, cured salmon (called gravad lax), and various flavours of pickled herring (called sill).

S/S Stockholm

At exactly 12 noon every Saturday and Sunday, the 1931 refurbished steamboat S/S Stockholm pushes out of Nybrokajen bay and the three-hour brunch cruise sails to Vaxholm and back with impressive views of the archipelago along the way from its panoramic windows. S/S Stockholm’s brunch buffet is well stocked with everything from traditional Swedish classics like Jansson’s Temptation, all sorts of pickled herring, smoked and cured salmon, and roast beef to a variety of warm dishes, salads, potatoes, breads, and desserts.

Photo courtesy of Claes Helander

Photo courtesy of Claes Helander

Hotel Rival

Boutique hotel Rival has one of the best brunch in Stockholm with its extensive spread of artisan breads, cheeses, do-it-yourself crispy Caesar salad with grilled chicken, Swedish cured salmon (gravlax), American pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, cold cuts, steak tartar with egg yolk, and so much more.

American Table

Many hotels serve their own form of brunch or at least a lavish breakfast spread for its guests but the Clarion Sign Hotel has a popular weekend brunch menu at its American Table restaurant which is also run by celebrity Swedish chef Marcus Samuelsson.  It includes a heady mix of cold dishes like herring and cured salmon as well as a variety of hot dishes such as mini burgers called sliders, sausage, scrambled eggs, fish tacos, bacon, baked beans, poached eggs with tandoori smoked salmon and more. You can also order French toast with caramelized apples and walnuts. Its dessert spread is a feast of mousse, various cakes, cookies, pies and fresh fruit.

Eggs Inc

With a dead giveaway name like “Eggs Inc”, here you’ll find a variety of ecofriendly egg based dishes for all you egg lovers. From scrambled eggs with your choice of turkey, bacon, smoked salmon, chicken and avocado to egg wraps with turkey, fresh cheese, tomato, Greek feta cheese, and baby spinach to boiled eggs and more egg inspired options.

Photo courtesy of Eggs Inc

Photo courtesy of Eggs Inc

Mississippi Inn

Dig into an American-inspired brunch à la carte menu at Mississippi Inn which offers Eggs Benedict or Florentine with spinach and hollandaise sauce, fluffy American pancakes, and a variety of omelettes. Think your classic ham, cheese and mushroom omelette or Huevos Rancheros with Spanish chorizo, bean ragu, eggs, tortilla and salad.


Another American inspired restaurant except Arizona also fuses in influences from Mexico. On Sundays, it serves a brunch buffet which includes scrambled eggs, bacon, spareribs, buffalo chicken wings, Chorizo sausage, white beans, various salads like Caesar, pasta, and coleslaw, as well as American pancakes with maple syrup, berries, and cream.

Café Sirap

If you’re looking for the best French toast and Belgian waffles in town, this is what Café Sirap specializes in alongside other café menu classics. You can try French Toast with cinnamon, or blueberries and pecans, or dig into Belgian waffles with jam and whipped cream. All served with syrup (which is Sirap in Swedish, hence the café’s name).

Sirap also serves up its own simple American-style brunch which includes a variety of club sandwiches and wraps such as the BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich and a tortilla breakfast wrap loaded with scrambled egg, bacon, avocado, and cheddar cheese. It also has a variety of breakfast bagels too served with cream cheese.

Boule Bar

Fans of the French ball game Boules can combine a few rounds of this recreational sport with a French-inspired brunch in Stockholm. You can sip on champagne or Bloody Marys, tuck into brie cheese, croissants with fig marmalade, waffles, cranberry couscous, three types of sausages and chicken Provençale, Tarte flambée flat bread with onions and bacon, and finish it all off with crème brûlée or chocolate for dessert.

Photo courtesy of Boulebar

Photo courtesy of Boulebar

Jazz Brunch at Södra Teatern

The Jazz Brunch at Södra Teatern is considered one of the most popular in town because of its heady mix of live jazz bands and good food. With outdoor sitting on its terrace, the location itself on Södermalm, off Mosebacke Torg at Etablissement is one of the most scenic in town with views across the harbor to Gamla stan, Skeppsholmen, and Djurgården in the distance.

The Jazz Brunch spread is filled with some traditional brunch items you’ll recognize like scrambled eggs, sausages, pancakes, various types of cheeses, and cold cut meats, but it also adds its own flare with mini cured salmon tacos, barbeque pulled pork sliders (mini burgers), poached eggs with truffle and spinach, macaroni and cheese, cheese tarts, and more, alongside a variety of freshly baked soft and thin crispy bread.


If you’ve got a few extra kroners to spend for a truly luxurious brunch experience, head over to Stockholm’s iconic Grand Hotel and its Cadierbaren for a brunch feast fit for royalty (you might actually run into royalty there, but I digress). From Blinis with fish roe and onions to Scandinavian Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon and asparagus, and saffron marinated cod with lemon sour cream, trout roe, chervil, chives and croutons, washed down with mimosas or your choice of tasty adult beverages.

Sthlm Brunch Club

All brunch every day of the week, this newly opened restaurant serves a mouthwatering list of brunch favorites including their own special twists on American and English breakfast classics. From lighter fare like granola, yoghurt, and fruit platters to Full English breakfast with fried eggs and Lincolnshire sausages, its special poached eggs with spicy Chorizo sausages, fluffy pancakes, Belgian waffles, specialty ice-cream shakes, and a slew of other items that will make deciding what to order quite difficult.


Arguably Stockholm’s most popular contemporary museum, Fotografiska – which is dedicated to all things photography – also has an extremely popular restaurant with the best restaurant view in town overlooking the harbor and communal brunch offering during the weekends with a variety of cold and hot dishes as well as a dessert station.


Photo courtesy of Greasy Spoon

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Author: Lola A. Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning writer, photographer, and travel blogger, and is also the Founder/Editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm. Her photography is represented by National Geographic Creative. She tweets at @LolaAkinmade.

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