Street Graffiti Art in Stockholm

Street Graffiti Art in Stockholm

Photographer Annaliese Comelab takes us behind the scenes of a celebration of street graffiti art in Stockholm.

All photos by author

Snösätragrand Hall of Fame in Rågsved is an old industrial area located south of Stockholm.  At least 160 Swedish and European graffiti artists showcased their works on walls making the area an outdoor exhibition space at the Springbeat Graffiti Art Festival.

This collection of moments taken from the event aim to get a little bit more closer to the talented artists.  ‘Street Art’ is a contentious word and can be easily brushed aside as thoughtless vandalism.  However, events like these do show how artists put thought and effort into details of an image before they even go on a wall.

It is a family-friendly event where one can take part in the graffiti workshops, watch and appreciate the talents through live paintings, trying out virtual reality paintings, open mic sessions and even children making their own street art on walls allocated for children.

The event was held in collaboration with Stockholm Stad, Stockholms Stadsmuseum, Studiefrämjandet, Graffitifrämjandet, Loop, Street Corner, Boka en truck and Woodhill Studios.

Here are photos of street graffiti art in Stockholm:

Ziggy APC starting to paint a sketch he made back in 1983. His little friends below join in on the action too.


A graffiti artist stands on a ladder to paint a wall.

I call him the dentist. A graffiti artist paints a wall.

Graffiti artist painting a wall.


A graffiti artist wears a mask as he paints a wall.

Father and son spray paints a wall with the word ‘sommar’. Sommar is the swedish word for summer.


A graffiti artist wearing a mask, agrees to pose for a quick picture. One of the rare few who was willing to do so!


Children on top of a pile of empty spraycans. They are in search for any cans they can use to continue spraying a wall. At the Springbeat Graffiti Festival, Snösatra in Stockholm (Raw Archives SE / Annaliese Comelab)

Children on top of a pile of empty spraycans, in search for any cans they may be able to use to continue spraying a wall.


Spray cans at the Springbeat Graffiti Festival.


No walls are left untouched.


The graffiti artist, aka The Sweet Toof, at the Springbeat Graffiti Festival, Snösatra in Stockholm. Art work is in collaboration with the Swedish artist Rolf Carl Werner.


A box of spraycans.

Spraycans in front of an artwork.


Graffiti artists lined up next to each other, spray painting on walls at the Springbeat Festival.

Learn more about the Springbeat Graffiti Art Festival.

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Author: Annaliese Comelab

Annaliese Comelab is a creative photographer with work experience in London, Melbourne, Sydney and now currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works in portraits, performance arts (dance, music, theatre), corporate headshots and events, reportage, travel and fine art. When she is not looking through the lens, you can find her spending time with her family and cycling around the city. Follow her visual logs on her blog

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