Stockholm Beauty Week 2019

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Photo credit: Katriina Mäkinen

May 13th – 15th marked the 6th Annual Stockholm Beauty Week. For the first time, it took place at Musikaliska, the palatial setting in 1,000 square meters in the heart of Stockholm.

The three-day extravaganza welcomed at least 2,500 beauty enthusiasts from all walks of life. Offering much more than just a chance to buy new products, Stockholm Beauty Week offers training for professional aestheticians and education for retailers and consumers. Participants also get the opportunity to meet the founders behind many of the brands.

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Maria Åkerberg in action. Photo credit: Katriina Mäkinen

Billed for those “in the industry and, or those who are interested in beauty, health, beautiful clothes, want to make contacts, shop for products at exhibition prices, get inspiration, try treatments, take part in trends and sustainability seminars,” Stockholm Beauty Week did not disappoint.

Accessible to everyone

For the cost of lunch in Stockholm, anyone can purchase a three-day pass for 100 kr. The ticket included entry, a goodie bag, and the choice of registration for sessions including product launches.

Sessions not only focused on outer beauty. They also included information for breast cancer survivors and their supporters, finding your inner strength, and picking signature fragrances for your life.

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Maria Forssén, founder of Stockholm Beauty Week Photo credit: Jenny Gunnarsson

Stockholm Beauty Week is International

The event is truly international with brands and their representatives from Sweden, Norway, England, Germany, France, Spain, Crete, and the US.

On-site was an exclusive French brand displayed Cleopatra’s ancient beauty secret and a German brand who can trace its roots back to the 900’s.

There was a new product line, completely natural and organic for men. While in the minority, there was a fair share of men representing lines focused on women.

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Dr. Grandel founded in the 900s. Photo credit: Katriina Mäkinen

On-site pampering

Participants were offered free manicures, beauty treatments, curling and smoothing of their tresses, and the opportunity to put on hair extensions and try on wigs. Don’t ever underestimate the power of hair.

Visitors could also purchase exclusive salon treatments at a deep discount. Beauty schools were on hand with their students practicing their craft with some even offering half price off of the usual fee for enrolling in courses before the three days ended. Dozens of vendors presented discount coupons on future purchases—a beauty junkie’s dream.

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Isabel Makear Lina F INIKA Photo credit: Katriina Mäkinen

Sustainable self-care

Not limited to makeup and skin care, Stockholm Beauty Week vendors included a silver jeweler, invisible braces, teeth whitening products and superfoods.

The overarching theme each year is sustainability, and several talks on this subject included clothing, hair care, and skin care. One superfood producer stressed the importance of sustainability through the entire process from sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging. I have to admit that it felt good.

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Fashion show models. Photo credit: Katriina Mäkinen

Stockholm beauty is diverse

It also felt good to see a wide range of skin tones represented on the packaging, in the makeup color lines, and on the catwalk. Women of all ages were models in the opening day fashion show wearing designs by a Swedish luxury comfort line with clothes prime for resort lounging or for your next relaxed yet elegant summer party.

The vast majority of visitors were women of all ages from teens to Seniors and everything in between. There were mother-daughter duos and trios, some men with their partners and friends. I saw husbands supporting their wives who were presenting their products and friends cheering others on. It also felt good to meet other women, some who came just to feel good. There was a salon owner who seemed to be always going my way. Here she is with her hand on my should during my manicure.

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Photo credit: Maria Forssén

Beauty week creates new connections

I befriended a senior lady who has had the most fascinating life. She’d watch my things while I got a manicure and I did the same for her. We shared food, laughs, tested products, listened to talks and took a break in the fragrance lounge and shared our personal stories. 

Although decades separated us, the passion for life united us. After day one, we pledged to spend the second day together and we did. In fact, we’re still in contact. Isn’t that what real beauty is all about?

Stockholm Beauty Week 2019 | Slow Travel Stockholm
Watching my new friend get her tresses smoothed. Photo credit: Adrianne George

Learn more about next year’s Stockholm Beauty Week on their website:

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