10 Exciting Family Activities this Summer in Stockholm

10 Exciting Activities with the Kids this Summer in Stockholm

Stockholm knows how to entertain kids all year round with its huge range of fun activities. Here are 10 exciting family activities in Stockholm this summer.

Skansen museum front gate
Photo credit: Skansen.se


Founded in 1891, Skansen is the world’s first open-air museum. Very impressive! Now, almost 130 years later, it is still a favourite with locals and visitors.

There is a lot to discover at Skansen with its wide-range of interactive activities including native crafts, guided tours, a playground, zoo, petting area and a wealth of history.

But it is not just fun and games for the children, there are beautiful gardens for the adults to wander around and tuck into delicious, local food.

This year, beloved characters from Astrid Lindgren books, Pippi Longstocking, Emil, and others come to Skansen 25-26 May 2019.

Address: Skansen, Djurgårdsslätten 49-51

Lake in Sweden


The breath-taking recreation area, Hellasgården is the perfect escape for any family this summer. It boasts countless, exciting suggestions, such as bike rides along the designated trails, walk and explore the endless expansive forest, and spot wildlife or take a swim in the refreshing lake!

Hellasgården is the gateway to nature, so take advantage of the tranquil surroundings and make it an adventure for the whole family. Try and squeeze a picnic in there too, if you can!

Hellasgården also is on Slow Travel Stockholm’s Top 10 Calm Places in Stockholm.

Address: Hellasgården, Ältavägen 101, 131 33 Nacka

Green Trails Moose Safari in Sweden
Photo credit: thegreentrails.com

3—Green Trails

Green Trails is nature at its finest, capturing Swedish wildlife in its natural habitat. Expect to see a huge range of incredible animals on this wildlife safari, including the king of the forest (the moose), wild boar, deer, and birds of prey.

The safari begins with a thorough presentation on the wildlife in the area, then followed by a hike to trace animal tracks (who will you spot!) The fun adventure will continue by van to cover a greater area with even more opportunities to spot the animals.

However, no nature experience would be complete, without a cozy campfire dinner! (It is advised to check out their schedule dates before booking.)

Website: https://www.thegreentrails.com/

Address: Meeting Point Cafe Blå Lotus Katarina Bangata 21, 116 39

4—Gröna Lund

Who doesn’t like an amusement park of bumper cars, tea-cups and jaw-dropping fairground rides (suitable for children and adults)?

However, Gröna Lund is more than just thrilling attractions, spooky houses, and candy floss!

This action-packed venue offers good restaurants, bars, and is one of the only places to catch a variety of entertaining open-air shows, such children’s performances and top international acts in the city during the summer months. Look at their website for further details on musical acts and events.

Gröna Lund consistently appeared on Slow Travel Stockholm readers’ Bucket List.

Find out why: https://www.slowtravelstockholm.com/food-and-drink/bucket-list-stockholm-dont-leave-before-experiencing-these-adventures/

Website: https://www.gronalund.com/

Address: Gröna Lund, Lilla Allmänna Gränd 9, 115 21

5—Butterfly House

Get learning and be memorized this summer with one of the most gorgeous insects in the animal kingdom at the Butterfly House, Fjarilhuset. With more than 3000 square meters, it is home to thousands of butterflies and here you get the opportunity to capture these stunning creatures as they happily fly around you in their exotic home. It also has great interactive exhibitions on, but check the website beforehand.

If you get time, be sure to visit the Haga Ocean Aquarium and its beautiful coral reef, which is home to many underwater creatures, including Blacktip Reef and the Sandbar Shark. Once you’ve finished, head out the door and explore what many consider the finest park in Stockholm, Hagaparken.

Address: Butterfly House. Haga trädgård, Hagaparken, Solna


How can you not embrace the outdoor lifestyle when you live in a beautiful city like Stockholm? If you are looking for a nice picnic spot by the water, Långholmen could be an ideal location for you and the kids.

This green oasis is a great place to hang out and have a dip in the refreshing lake. If you can, we recommend heading to the small sandy beach as it is an ideal spot for the children to play.

If you are up for an adventure, try the Långholmen Kajak for their paddle trips, guaranteed lots of fun and laughter for all.

Långholmen also is on Slow Travel Stockholm’s Top 10 Calm Places in Stockholm.

Junibacken carousel
Photo Credit: Lola Åkerström


Djurgården is an island jam-packed with fun things to do and has so many fulfilling children attractions all close proximity to one another.

However, an attraction, which is every child’s dream, is the fairytale world of Junibacken. Astrid Lindgren is Sweden’s most famous children’s author and Junibacken is dedicated to showcasing most of the author’s famous work.

The interactive museum has a variety of exhibitions, including Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Ronia, and the Brothers Lionheart. What’s even more exciting, there is a train that takes you through Astrid’s world.

But the fun doesn’t stop there—cycle around Djurgården, and take advantage of its traffic-free environment for hours on end—a great way to tire the children out before going home.

Peek inside the magical world of Junibacken here: https://www.slowtravelstockholm.com/family/inside-junibacken/

Address: https://www.junibacken.se/

8—Ivar Lo’s Park

Take full advantage of a glorious day and try one of Stockholm’s most beloved public parks, Ivar Lo’s Park. The theme of this playground is ‘country’ and offers lots of fun activities for the kids to get involved in.

Kids can let their imagination run wild at this adventure park with the wooden farm animals in the playground and cute old-timey houses to explore- guaranteed hours of fun. There is even an exciting tree that they can crawl into!

This park is a great location for a summer picnic or even a BBQ area where parents can chill with friends and family amongst beautiful views whilst watching the kids run around.

Address: Bastugatan 26 på Mariaberget

Vasa Museum ship in Stockholm

9—Vasa Museum

Next door to Junibacken is the incredible, world-famous Vasa Museum, which is a very popular attraction with locals and visitors. The maritime museum is a great history lesson for the children but is a guaranteed fun experience for all.

The Vasa Museum is home to the Vasa, a massive 69-metre long and 44.8-metre tall ship from the 17th century. In 1628, it sunk on its maiden voyage (it was too top heavy) in Stockholm’s harbour where it remained for over 300 years.

We will say no more…Be sure to ask about the family trail that you can retrieve from the staff as it can take you round step by step.

Address: Vasa Museum, Galärvarvsvägen 14, Djurgården

10—The Police Museum

As you might suspect, The Police Museum is all about the Swedish Police Force. The Museum presents the historical development of the Swedish Police and the work they do today. Expect a wealth of history, old uniforms, a crime scene, forensic techniques, information about how the Swedes view the police and information on recent events.

In the children’s exhibition, kids can play in a police car, try on uniforms and solve a tricky case. There is also a traffic playground where you can rent pedal cars and children can drive around on the little roads. Your kids will think they’ve gone to heaven!

Address: The Police Museum, Museivägen 7, 115 27

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