10 Places to Keep You Calm In and Around Stockholm

10 Places to Keep You Calm In and Around Stockholm

Is life feeling a bit overwhelming? Holly Louise Eells explores ten quiet and peaceful places in Stockholm and beyond where you can find that much-needed bubble of calm.

Keep calm in Stockholm
Skogskrykogaården, all photos by author

#1 Peaceful Calm in Skogskyrkogården

Never underestimate the beauty of cemeteries. There is a hint of wildness about the Skogskyrkogården. Designed by highly-acclaimed architects Gunnar Asplund and Sigurd Lewerentz, this picturesque cemetery connects architecture, art, and nature. So, it is easy to see why Skogskyrkogården is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Set in a tranquil pine woodland, it is accessible 24 hours a day throughout the year in all weather. It is an ideal place for peaceful, long walks. Amongst your magical journey, see if you can spot the graves of actress Greta Garbo and Gunnar Asplund.

Sockenvägen, 122 33

#2 Beautiful Calm inNackareservatet

Keep Calm in Stockholm

Being well—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—is vital for our health and the latest trend is all about honoring self-care. Stockholm offers so many beautiful surroundings for escapism, and some would say, we are spoilt for choice!

For example, Nacka has 12 different stunning nature reserves of varying landscapes of pine forests, swamps, and lake. With many expansively attractive areas to explore, get lost and enjoy the natural, tranquil surroundings of small lakes, rocky outcrops, and wetlands, witnessing nature at its finest.

Recommendations include Nackareservatet, the largest nature reserve, which has 730 hectares to explore and Velamsund, the perfect place to dip in the lake. So, whether you want to swim, relax or walk, Nacka has it covered!

Nackareservatet 128 48 Nacka
Velamsundsvägen 25, 132 36 Saltsjö-boo

Keep calm in Stockholm | Brunnsviken Lake, Solna
Brunnsviken Lake, Solna

#3 Brunnsviken Lake, Solna

Many of us know that being around water makes us calmer. Although we don’t understand why water makes us feel the way it does, some powerful ideas justify a summer lake trip to floating on wooden docks a perfect way to unwind the mind.

Brunnsviken lake, part of Nationalstadsparken, the National City Park boasts a beautiful rolling park setting that is great for picnics, swimming, and recreation.

It has an attractive botanical garden, café and several buildings of interest where Brunnsviken lake, overlooks all of these stunning features. The views are out of this world!

Brunnsviken, Solna

Keep calm in Stockholm | Södra Grinda, Vaxholm
Grinda, Vaxholm

#4 Get away from it all in Södra Grinda, Vaxholm

Who doesn’t like an adventure from time to time? So, if you are looking to get out of central Stockholm and fancy a stress-free day trip somewhere, Grinda is a perfect suggestion.

This charming island, is just over an hour away by the fastest boat, via Vaxholm and it provides a blissful archipelago setting amongst an impressive nature reserve environment.

It is ideal for day trips, but if you fancy something longer, it is open on weekends and holidays year-round with cabins, a youth hostel, and campground on offer.

Södra Grinda – Vaxholm

Keep calm in Stockholm | Sigtuna
Stora gatan, Sigtuna

#5 Small town calm in Sigtuna

Stretching beyond the fringes of Stockholm lies the town of Sigtuna, located north of the city.

This quiet, quaint town boasts history, cultural and family-orientated activities, making it an ideal escape from the madness of city life.

What makes this town so peaceful and stress-free is its small-scale and pedestrian-friendly approach, with charming wooden buildings by Lake Mälaren.

This district is rich in rune stones to fascinating history, and for those who didn’t know, Sigtuna was Sweden’s first town, founded in the 10th century. Sigtuna can be reached by train, bus, or boat from the center of Stockholm.

Stora gatan 33 19323 Sigtuna

Keep Calm in Stockholm | Langholmen

#6 Picnic by the water calm in Långholmen, Södermalm

Who doesn’t love a green oasis in the city? Långholmen is an idyllic island in central Stockholm between Södermalm and Kungsholmen, that is any nature lovers fantasy.

Even though it is a popular spot for walks, picnics, and swimming, especially in the summer for locals and visitors alike, you can still find hidden spots in the surrounding area.

It is recommended to try Långholmen Kajak for their recommended paddle trips, a great way to unwind. Also, don’t miss the beautiful view from the east side of the island over Riddarfjärden and Gamla Stan, it is beyond spectacular.

Långholmen, Södermalm

Keep calm in Stockholm | Hammarby Sjo

#7 Harbor calm in Hammarby Sjö

Get out in the fresh air and explore the scenic surroundings of Hammarby lake (Hammarby Sjö). There is so much to discover while walking around the beautiful harbor and you will be joined by flocks of birds, water lilies and reeds along the way.

This location is simply breath-taking and is the perfect place to sit back and relax and watch the world go by.

Hammarby Sjö, 120 30 Johanneshov

#8 Run away calm in Ladugårdsgärdet

As we know, Swedes are big fitness lovers who are keen on nature, so it is always great to combine both loves into one. The city boasts running routes through the forest, water, or both.

For example, close to Östermalm, Gärdet is a stunning trial that provides nothing but peace and tranquility along the picturesque route.

Overlooking stunning open fields as you run your stresses away, it makes it the perfect solution to start or end your day. The route will take you to the outer edges of Djurgården, so I guarantee you will want to keep going!


#9 Peaceful farm calm in Rosenhill

What is not to love about Rosenhill? This beyond magical, hidden gem just outside of town is a garden like no other, and some of you may want to keep it a secret.

This peaceful family farm produces all of its organic produce, including vegetables, apples, and cider in its garden café. Perfect all year round, it is great to sit around and enjoy the beautiful scenery of calmness and relax amongst the apple trees.

They even have hammocks to have a nap in!

Nyckelbyvägen 22 Ekerö

Keep Calm in Stockholm | Hellasgården

#10 Perfect escape calm in Hellasgården

This list wouldn’t be complete, without mentioning the breath-taking recreation area, Hellasgården, which is the perfect escape for anyone all year round.

This Nacka nature reserve is just 15 mins from downtown Stockholm, so no wonder it is a highly-praised attraction for walkers, runners, and cyclists.

But despite its popularity, this much-loved nature reserve still offers so many beautiful spaces where you can hide away amongst the endless expansive forest, or if you want to blow away your every-day stresses, jump into the lake! (It is highly recommended!)

Hellasgården, Ältavägen 101, 131 33 Nacka, Stockholm

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