Local Voices—Galleri Duerr

Local Voices—Galleri Duerr

Stockholm’s subway system is one of the most unique art galleries in Stockholm and there are numerous national and independent galleries throughout the city. Local writer, Adrianne George, takes us inside Galleri Duerr and how art in Stockholm is engaging expats and locals alike.

Art can be found in every quadrant of the city and one person who has been curating collections for public consumption and appreciation is Deborah Duerr.

Through Galleri Duerr, founded in 1996, Deborah has showcased up and coming and established artists for 23 years. Her space near Odenplan was a hub of activity and a place where expats and locals could attend an engaging event, listen to an artist give her inside view, and pick up a pack (or one) of Sweden’s best crispbread. It’s a place that took your mind and soul on a journey in the way that only art can enable. Galleri Duerr served many purposes.

In 2014, Deborah continued to provide art to the public by shutting down her space in Odenplan and literally taking it on the road via Pop Up and mobile art galleries around the city.

Never content with one physical location at a time, Galleri Duerr can also be found online at Artsy and Artnet. It was a chance meeting with a fellow Kentuckian in Stockholm that Deborah and Galleri Duerr were offered a new home.

In the rapidly growing world of shared workspaces, Embassy House distinguishes itself by focusing on tech in various forms. From VR & AR, communications technology (think apps), gaming, BlockChain, Smart Cities & AI, to digital platforms Embassy House is attracting the hottest talent and startups in Stockholm.

The Östermalm space is housed in a complex from a converted military garrison just across from Swedish National radio and television. Several Embassies and Ambassador’s residences are in walking distance.

In addition to a fantastic location, Embassy House provides 4,000 square feet of walls and basement space for art, art installations, art evenings, art talks and art as a complement to running a business.

Form and function. Art and business. The combination is sublime.

Imagine coming to work and being greeted by inspiring pieces of work that make you think. Make you ponder, or make you go, “wow”. That is the environment that Galleri Duerr provides for 50 offices contained in Embassy House.

There is a ping pong table, open lounge space, comfy kitchen and the standard things shared offices boast. It is now “one of the biggest art galleries in Sweden with ongoing art exhibitions all year round”. Sign up for their newsletter to keep your eye on Galleri Duerr.

Whisperers from the Mesh
Photo Credit: Galleri Duerr

Galleri Duerr at Embassy House opened in December 2018 with Serinyà’s Whisper from the Mesh. Here is the good news. You don’t have to work at Embassy House to enjoy the art. The public can view the exhibits by appointment only by contacting Deborah.

Make time for art galleries in Stockholm this summer and you can have a personal experience with Mani Vertigo’s Transformation of Love, among other works, away from the tourists.

You can have a unique experience among the tech stars of today and tomorrow in a special art gallery in the heart of Stockholm.

Transformation of Love
Photo Credit: Galleri Duerr

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Author: Adrianne George Lind

Adrianne George runs Stockholm Expat where she blogs about Stockholm through the eyes of an outsider who see things with fresh eyes. Adrianne embraces expat life and is mindfully introspective and grateful at the same time. She is the founder of JobsinStockholm.com and expat groups on Facebook and Linkedin, and is the blogger behind the multi-award winning Black Women in Europe.

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