Wellness Retreats and Spas in Stockholm

Wellness Retreats and Spas in Stockholm

Holly Louise Eells explores wellness retreats and spas in Stockholm for relaxation and total recharging of your batteries.

Photo Credit: Jonas Bergsten

Indulge in luxury at the Grand Hotel

Looking for a stress-free environment? Visit the Grand Hôtel for a magical and relaxing experience.

Whether you want to enjoy a traditional Swedish massage, stretch out your sore muscles, or enjoy a beauty treatment, Nordic Spa & Fitness could be the place to cater to your specific needs.

Located in the Grand Hôtel, its wellness approach is to stick to the traditional Nordic way of proximity to nature and encourage a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. After your visit, you will feel revitalized, nourished and ready to conquer the world!

Website: grandhotel.se

Grand Hôtel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, 103 27 Stockholm

est at Downtown Camper by Scandic 1
Photo Credit: Scandic Hotels

Enjoy rooftop views at The Nest

Live your best life at The Nest. This very special, innovative place is located in one of Stockholm’s signature hotels, Downtown Camper.

Boasting striking views on the rooftop of Gamla Stan and Riddarfjärden, this magical wellness area is the perfect base for escaping the city. It has a community feel, where you can start your day with a yoga session or read on the terrace, relax in the sauna, which is shaped like a fantastic bird’s nest.

Also, feel free to try one of their do-it-yourself treatments and enjoy a mocktail or cocktail on the rooftop bar. 

Website: scandichotels.com/hotels/sweden/stockholm/downtown-camper-by-scandic
Downtown Camper, Brunkebergstorg 9, 111 51 Stockholm

Photo Credit: Lola Åkerström

Indulge in simplicity at Yasuragi

Yasuragi is a Japanese haven when it comes to wellness retreats. It is surrounded by woodland with unbelievable views of the inner Stockholm Archipelago (island of Värmdö.)

It is a celebration of Japanese design and simplicity, with the biggest hot and cold baths, arranged on the principles of a Japanese courtyard.

Be sure to book in for the Deep-Tissue Bamboo Massage with warm oils or the Digital Pause, an all-over stress-busting body massage that will leave you mercifully de-kinked and un-scrunched.

Yasuragi is all about a balance: this is a place for relaxing rather than restricting, so don’t miss out on a glass of sake in the bar. Located slightly outside the city, it is worth everything single minute. 

Website: yasuragi.se
Yasuragi, Hamndalsvägen 6, 132 39 Saltsjö-boo

Enjoy the sauna at Sturebadet

Enjoying a relaxing sauna is a very important part of Scandinavian culture. A sauna experience provides various health benefits, such as flushing toxins out of your body, inducing better sleep, closes your pores, and improves your cardiovascular performance. Sweating actually forces your body to burn calories.  

Sturebadet is the ideal place for this traditional experience and is tailor-made to make your perfect spa day. Their aim is to help you get new energy to create a pleasant balance in your life. 

Their Spa Day gives you an experience for both body and soul combined with wonderful relaxation and inspirational training in a rich and beautiful environment. Sounds heavenly!

Website: sturebadet.se
Sturebadet, Sturegallerian 36, 114 46 Stockholm

Photo Credit: Centralbadet
Photo Credit: Centralbadet

Hit the restart button at Centralbadet

Want to hit the restart button? Centralbadet is a good suggestion for this.

Located in central Stockholm in a serene garden just a few steps from the Drottninggatan it boasts 3,500 square meters of full beauty, tradition, and relaxation, which will guarantee to have you feeling back to normal again by strengthening your body and soul.

For those who didn’t know, Centralbadet was designed by well-known architect Wilhelm Klemming, a vision of his dream he made into a reality.

This spectacular place is more than 110 years old and can cater to your every need, including a Roman bath and sauna area, Art Nouveau swimming pool, a sun rooftop terrace, incredible spa treatments and of course, the 1,0000-year-old Nordic sauna tradition and Swedish Massage.

Website: centralbadet.se
Centralbadet, Drottninggatan 88, 111 36 Stockholm

Enjoy a treatment at Selmacity Spa

In the heart of Stockholm, vibrant Selmacity Spa is an ideal place for that long-awaited self-time you deserve solo or with a loved one. 

For your ultimate spa experience, it offers a rooftop heated pool, gym, sauna, luxurious treatments that can cater to your well-being goals, leaving a happier, healthier you.

Website: selmacityspa.se
Selmacity Spa, Östra Järnvägsgatan 35, 111 20 Stockholm

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