Stockholm’s Contemporary Art Galleries

Stockholm’s Contemporary Art Galleries

Whether you love modern art, contemporary sculpture, or impressionist paintings, Stockholm has an art gallery for you. Holly Louise Eells highlights Stockholm’s Contemporary Art Galleries for you to enjoy.

Bonniers Konsthall as seen from Torsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden by Holger.Ellgaard
Bonniers Konsthall as seen from Torsgatan, Stockholm, Sweden by Holger Ellgaard

Bonniers Konsthall

Bonniers Konsthall is a venue that showcases impressive Swedish and international contemporary art in the centre of the city.

Founded in 2006, Bonniers Konsthall exhibits both Swedish and international artists, whether emerging and more established. It aims to, ‘provide the visitor with different entry points and perspectives on the exhibition.’

For some art is a personal journey, but Bonniers Konsthall has an active academic approach, where school and family tours and workshops are essential parts of what they do. Do take advantage of the art gallery’s bistro, you will always find something delicious to eat and drink.

Bonniers konsthall, Torsgatan 19, 113 21 Stockholm

Fotografiska -Mandy Barker, Sea of Artifacts from Martin Floyd
Fotografiska -Mandy Barker, Sea of Artifacts from Martin Floyd


Whether you are a local or a tourist, everyone has to visit Fotografiska.

It is one of the world’s largest meeting places for contemporary photography. It boasts four unique large exhibitions and 20 smaller exhibitions, which has showcased internationally renowned photographers, including Helena Blomqvist and Klara Källström.

It also has an incredible bookshop with a vast amount of photography and art books, films, postcards, posters, and so much more. Also, a souvenir shop, an award-winning restaurant, a photo gallery, and the top floor café, where you will find one of Stockholm’s very best viewpoints!

Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm

Wetterling gallery, Kungsträdgården (Stockholm) By Arild Vågen: CommsWikki
Wetterling gallery, Kungsträdgården (Stockholm) By Arild Vågen: CommsWikki

Wetterling Gallery

Established in 1978, Wetterling Gallery is one of the most prominent galleries for contemporary art in Scandinavia.

The gallery provides a platform for international artists, whether established or upcoming, primarily Swedish artists with a focus on painting, sculpture, and photography. Focusing on lively art dialogue and searching for new forms of expression, the gallery presents around seven exhibitions each year and participates in around four international art fairs annually. It is worth a visit.

Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården 3, 111 47 Stockholm

installation view, Bella Rune, XYZ, (2019) at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm Photo: Galleri Magnus Karlsson 2
Installation view, Bella Rune, XYZ, (2019) at Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm Photo: Galleri Magnus Karlsson 2

Galleri Magnus Karlsson

Founded in 1990, prestigious Galleri Magnus Karlsson is known as one of the most memorable and interesting contemporary art galleries in Sweden. Now, the gallery’s location is on the ground floor of the renowned Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts.

The location plays a supportive role for the country’s artists and architects, which coincides with the galleries institution’s mission and main focus to promote emerging national talent. It exhibits a range of media from the up and coming artists, such as Lisa Jonasson, Maria Nordin, Bella Rune, and Mette Björnberg.

Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Fredsgatan 12, 111 52 Stockholm


Described as of the leading galleries in Scandinavia, Andréhn-Schiptjenko was one of the big art game-changers in 1991, which marked the start of a new generation of galleries in the Nordic circuit.

Andréhn-Schiptjenko has consistently committed to work on an international level and maintains to support emerging and established contemporary international artists from all over the world working with painting, sculpture, photography, and video, as well as installation-based and site-specific work.

Over the years, it has curated exhibitions that have become ground-breaking in the Nordic art scene. It has also successfully launched careers of a variety of Scandinavian artists such as Per B Sundberg, Matts Leiderstam, Gunnel Wåhlstrand, and other prominent names in the art scene.

Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Linnégatan 31, 114 47 Stockholm

Färgfabriken- Credit Arild
Färgfabriken- Photo Credit Arild


For more than two decades, Färgfabriken has served a vital platform for contemporary cultural expressions, with an emphasis on art, architecture and urban planning.

Färgfabriken is driven by a desire to reflect upon the mixed and multicultural world in which we live. It says, ‘We want to test the limits of what an art space is, and could become. To create space for exhibitions and projects that might not find its natural place elsewhere. Färgfabriken wants to make the invisible visible. We want to bring the world to Stockholm and Färgfabriken to the world.’ Also, visit the cute café and shop too!  

Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43 Stockholm

Wip Konsthall

Over an impressive two floors, Wip Konsthall is the gallery belonging to Wip:sthlm (work-in-progress), a collaborative venture involving 93 artists and accommodating 83 artist studios, as well as an art gallery, workshops, project rooms, and offices.

Since 2007 Wip Konsthall has presented a program of cutting-edge exhibitions mostly designed by its artists, but sometimes in collaboration with outside contributors.

According to the Wip Konstall gallery, ‘By creating an organization where a large group of artists can work together for the best possible workspace as well as ideas exchanges, we hope to create a generous context for artists and audiences.’

Past shows have displayed experimental and conceptual art. It has also promoted art projects in conjunction with the Swedish city of Umeå, the 2014 European Capital of Culture.

Wip Konsthall, Årsta Skolgränd 14BD, 117 43 Stockholm

Lars Bohman Gallery

Lars Bohman Gallery boasts five rooms that display some of the most captivating and innovative contemporary art in the city. This includes installations, sculptures and media platforms that contribute to the galleries inspiring exhibitions.

Artists represented by the gallery work in a broad range of styles, from the collage compositions of Hans Andersson to the entertaining cartoon-like paintings of Marie-Louise Ekman. In the past, the gallery has also hosted shows by highly celebrated artists including Louise Bourgeois, and Yayoi Kusama.

If you’re interested in learning more about Yayoi Kusama, be sure to visit her in-depth profile here:

Lars Bohman Gallery, Karlavägen 9, 114 24 Stockholm

Magasin III Photo Credit Simon Bajada

Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art

Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art believes in the ability of art to challenge and inspire people and society.

Housed in a 1930s warehouse at the capital’s old free port, it boasts a large exhibition area of around 1,500 square meters. Two of its galleries are dedicated to displaying works from this permanent collection. In the last few years, Magasin III has further expanded its scope to include lectures, talks, and collaborations with other art institutions. Over the next year, until spring 2020, Magasin III will be closed.

Magasin III Museum & Foundation for Contemporary Art, Frihamnen, Frihamnsgatan 28, 115 56

Galleri Duerr

Galleri Duerr believes, ‘art exhibitions are a great way to tell significant stories of our time.’ With a clear vision of making contemporary art more accessible, since 2014, Galleri Duerr has been operating as a mobile gallery investing in cross-cultural meetings between different forms of art, artists and generations – national and international, emerging as well as established.

The gallery, founded by Deborah Duerr, boasts a huge wealth of knowledge, creativity, and experience in the art world. It is also a partner gallery on Artsy and Artnet, online resources for art collecting and education featuring the world’s leading galleries, museum collections, foundations, artist estates, art fairs, and benefit auctions.

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