Offbeat Design Stores in Stockholm

Offbeat Design Stores in Stockholm

Eimi Tagore-Erwin spotlights some offbeat design stores in Stockholm clustered in the vibrant district of Södermalm.

Photo courtesy of BXXLGHT

Stockholm is home to many well-known design stores ranging in style from the hip café Snickarbacken 7 in Östermalm to the luxury concept store Design House Stockholm near Slussen.

The Swedish minimalist aesthetic attracts appreciation worldwide, and people travel from all over the world to see it for themselves in the city. However, there is an offbeat scene of independent designers and design collectives in Stockholm that remains under the radar for many visitors. These smaller spaces pepper the city from north to south, but the majority of them have been popping up in Stockholm’s vibrant Södermalm district.

Photo courtesy of Butiken Republiken

Starting at Slussen T-bana station, travel up the cobblestoned street Hökens Gata for a taste of the Mosebacke Design District on the north side of the island. Check out Butiken Republiken, a new showroom for designer Jakob Uhlin’s brand By Republikan. The boutique features an eclectic collection of curated contemporary and vintage design objects in addition to the latest By Republiken series. They also showcase Polygo sculptural light building kits, and even hold open workshops for creatives to try them out.

Across the street you’ll find Omnipollos Hatt, a modern pizza parlour that doubles as a craft beer haven. While it’s not your typical design shop, Omnipollo’s award winning beers are unique – they specialize in confectionary stouts that are brewed with lactose sugar for an experience that is aromatic and creamy while maintaining a dry lightness.

Photo courtesy of Green Laces

Keep walking and spot Green Laces, a shop specializing in shoes and accessories headed by the environmentally conscious Nina Färdig. All the styles and designs showcased here are carefully chosen based on their ethical production in terms of both materials and labor. Featured vegan and eco-friendly brands include Bourgeois Boheme, Veja, and Mat & Natt.

Continue up the hill to Mosebacke Square and visit WoodStockholm, a beautiful café/restaurant that functions as a showroom for the WoodStockholm design agency and furniture manufacturer. The agency’s design aesthetic is guided by traditional craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and high quality raw materials – factors that can also be applied to their delicious menu.

Photo courtesy of WoodStockholm

Move on to check out more independent design shops on Krukmakargatan, a quiet street on the western side of Södermalm near Mariatorget.

Krukmakargatan is home to three elegant independent fashion labels: Uniforms for the Dedicated, Our Legacy and Nitty Gritty. Uniforms for the Dedicated specializes in modern menswear made from organic and recycled materials, aiming to produce timeless silhouettes with an environmentally sustainable approach. Even the interior of the store itself is built with recycled materials and has only been around since 2012.

The designers at Our Legacy reject fast-fashion, and present a sleek line of seasonal, high-quality menswear, with a focus on simplicity. They are more interested in progressive design than trending styles and have recently expanded to Gothenburg and London.

There are two Nitty Gritty stores – one for women and one for men. Nitty Gritty showcases a curated collection of international brands that will attract those with interest in Italian, Parisian and Japanese fashion trends. The focus there is to provide high quality statement pieces that will last customer’s a lifetime, but they feature innovative textures and cuts that can’t be found elsewhere in the city.

Nestled amongst these innovative fashion stores, the independent retailer Papercut is also a treat for those who may be interested in film or publications with a focus on creativity. Founded in 2008 by Anders Fryklund and Alexander Dahlberg, Papercut offers visitors an exclusive assortment of handpicked fashion, art, design, and music publications.

Photo courtesy of Papercut

Finally, across the street is BXXLGHT, a light design studio headed by Daniella Upmark. BXXLGHT’s expressive lamps are sold internationally via the online store, but the luminous showroom functions as a gallery and showroom for the studio’s statement designs.

Exploring the Mosebacke and Krukmakargatan areas in Södermalm only brushes the surface of the independent design scene that the whole of Stockholm has to offer, but may give visitors a window into the depth of creativity that continues to flourish in this innovative city.

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Author: Eimi Tagore-Erwin

Eimi (pronounced Amy) is a collage artist and designer living in Stockholm and pursuing her masters degree in Visual Culture. She is from California, but also lived in Hawaii, Thailand and Japan before she fell in love with Stockholm. In her spare time, Eimi enjoys traveling, visiting museums and researching political identity.

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