Photos: Autumn Stroll in Stockholm

Photographer Annaliese Comelab shares autumn scenes from her daily strolls around Stockholm.

Autumn in Stockholm - Photos by Annaliese Comelab

All photos by author.

Stockholmers are very lucky and need not go far to experience this season’s natural colours in city parks such as Djurgården, Nacka Nature reserve, Mörtviksparken, and Hagaparken. The foliage colours are stunning – warming from green to yellow, reds and dark brown.

All these parks are worth visiting right now especially when the air is crisp and the sun’s rays stream through those brightly colored trees and leaves. Here are a few autumn scenes I captured during my daily strolls around my local quarter in Södermalm – Högalid, Skinnarviksparken and Långholmsparken.



AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_04 AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_05 AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_06 AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_07 AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_08 AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_09 AnnalieseComelab_STS_2Autumn_10




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Author: Annaliese Comelab

Annaliese Comelab is a creative photographer with work experience in London, Melbourne, Sydney and now currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works in portraits, performance arts (dance, music, theatre), corporate headshots and events, reportage, travel and fine art. When she is not looking through the lens, you can find her spending time with her family and cycling around the city. Follow her visual logs on her blog

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