Hiking in Stockholm: Best hiking trails

Hiking in Stockholm: Best hiking trails

Alex Dudley rounds up some of his best hiking trails if you’re interested in hiking in Stockholm during your trip.

Hiking in Stockholm - Best hiking trails in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city, there is no denying that. But sometimes you may get sick and tired of being around the hustle and bustle of the Swedish capital and all the things to do in Stockholm.

Hiking in Stockholm isn’t so popular with visitors more likely to want to spend the entirety on their stay exploring, but to see the true beauty of Sweden, you need to get outdoors and explore the wilderness.

Best of all, most hiking destinations can be easily reached through public transport!

Best trails for hiking in Stockholm

Here are my three personal favourite hikes that you should definitely try as one of the things to do in Stockholm during your trip.

Tyresta National Park

Located close to the capital, Tyresta National Park offers beautiful lakes and nearly 5,000 acres of primeval pine forests, exactly what an untamed wilderness should feel like.

Graded as a national park in 1993, Tyresta is 20 kilometers south of Stockholm’s city center. It’s one of the largest old-growth forests in southern Sweden, and some of the pine trees here date back from around 400 years ago. There are also up to 8,000 species of animals here, all of whom depend on the area’s unusual conditions to survive.

You can spend a full day hiking, spotting wildlife in Tyresta, or grab lunch. Stop by the visitor’s center for information or to plan your overnight stay at one of the park’s campsites.

Take bus 834 from Haninge train station to Tyrestaby, or alternatively take bus 807 or 809 from Gullmarsplan to Svartbäcken (which lies only a couple of kilometres west of the park.)

Link to Tyresta National Park website.

Hiking in Stockholm - Best hiking trails in Stockholm


Brunnsviken is a picturesque lake only a short journey away from the north of Stockholm’s city center. It’s a popular choice for picnicking among families, but it also provides a great opportunity to go for a relaxing walk while also seeing some unusual sights at the same time.

In the 1780s, landscapers sculpted three large English parks around Brunnsviken: Bellevue, Haga and Tivoli. The area also includes beautiful, historic attractions like the Bergius Botanical Garden and the Swedish Museum of Natural History. You will also find a butterfly house, a museum dedicated to the sculptor Carl Eldh and Turkish-style ‘copper tents’, one of which houses a simple cafe, where you can stock up on water or enjoy a fika in a gorgeous location.

The grounds makes an ideal escape from the bustle of the city, and hikers can take advantage of a 12km-long trail that makes a scenic loop around the whole area. There are plenty of places to stop and recharge along the way, especially during the summer. Best of all, there is no cover charge.

There are various ways to get to Brunnsviken. The most simple is to take the commuter train to Ulriksdal.

Link to Brunnsviken website.

Hiking in Stockholm - Best hiking trails in Stockholm


Covering over 1,000km of trails in the southwest of Stockholm, you will find Sörmlandsleden. This is one of the longest hiking paths in the whole of Sweden. The path is divided into around 100 different sections that introduce hikers to plenty of wilderness areas and historic statues. The route also crosses familiar areas for hikers, such as Nacka and Tyresta.

The 100 hikes are varied in lengths (beginning from 1.5km and rising to 17km) while each has its own level of intensity. Whether you’re looking for a simple one-hour walk or a longer and more strenuous walk, there is something for all skill levels.

There is so much to see over this stretch of land but special mentions must go to well-preserved mining area of Skottvång, the Östra Södermanlands and the remains of the communities coal industry.

There are multiple options for guided hikes but I would strongly recommend going at it alone and learning as you go. There are hostels along the route so you can make a few days out of your trip to this wonderful and historic area.

Link to Sörmlandsleden website.

Do you enjoy hiking in Stockholm? What are some of your best hiking trails in Stockholm? Please share below.

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Author: Alex Dudley

Born in England, Alex Dudley has now found that his heart lies in Sweden. He loves fika and has came to love the snow over the winter months. He has worked for regional magazines in England, as well as travel magazines in Sweden and the USA. You can see his personal blog here.

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