New Nordic Restaurants in Stockholm

New Nordic Restaurants in Stockholm

Alaine Handa wonders if Stockholm is the next Nordic foodie destination and spotlights some New Nordic restaurants in Stockholm worth checking out.

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With the spotlight on Copenhagen as the leader for new Nordic cuisine, the world is watching with careful eyes for the next Nordic foodie destination.  With several restaurants popping up in the Michelin guide, various media publications, and even on the World’s Best 50 Restaurants list, it seems this Swedish capital could be the next New Nordic cuisine hot spot.

Michelin Guide recently had a Nordic guide launch in February with Stockholm’s Frantzen receiving three stars to much fanfare. Restaurant Frantzen is the first 3- starred restaurant in Sweden.

The focus on locally sourced ingredients has transformed New Nordic cuisine onto the world stage. With more diners tuning into whole foods, organically grown, and sustainable farming, it is no surprise that the world has taken notice of what the Nordic countries are doing in the kitchen.

On my frequent trips to Stockholm, I have never eaten a bad meal and the standard of what constitutes a good dining experience is pretty high. Though Stockholm is a rather expensive city to wine and dine in, the quality is topnotch and you can find some great eats at affordable prices.

More recently, there has been an interest in fusing Asian flavors with Nordic and Swedish flavors. There have also been quite a number of authentic Asian eateries in Stockholm. Ramen is really popular and Korean foods with fermented pickles and kimchi have also become trendy. There are a couple Japanese restaurants that have made it onto the Michelin list.

Michelin starred restaurants in Stockholm

Have you been to any of these Michelin starred restaurants in Stockholm?

Three (3) Michelin star restaurants in Stockholm:

Two (2) Michelin star restaurants in Stockholm:

One (1) Michelin star restaurants in Stockholm:

The following New Nordic restaurants in Stockholm are noted in the Michelin guide and I have also personally dined at them.


This unassuming tapas bar in MOOD shopping center is the last place you would think could produce yummy tapas and pintxos. A casual eatery that is good for a mid afternoon snack and drink as an alternative to taking a traditional fika break.

Fjäderholmarnas Krog

This seasonal restaurant on the island of Fjäderholmarna with gorgeous sea views presents a menu of fresh seafood. On a summer day, I went to the island for a short afternoon getaway to take advantage of the nice Swedish summer sunshine.

After sunbathing on the rocky beach, I stumbled upon this typical red and white Swedish house and ordered Skagen toast (shrimp salad with toast served with fish roe) and fish soup for dinner. The freshness of the ingredients with the attentive hospitality and the stunning location made for a perfect Swedish summer’s day.


In the heart of upscale Östermalm neighborhood, a European restaurant with a strong Scandinavian influence. I have frequented this restaurant and have eaten the Kalixlöjröm appetizer (fish roe from Kalix in North Sweden) and Veal meatballs. I highly recommend these typical Swedish dishes here! The veal meatballs from Hillenberg are so perfectly tender and juicy. A busy restaurant with a trendy clientele (I spotted the late Avicii dining here a couple times!), so it is recommended to reserve a table ahead of time.

Nosh and Chew

On a popular shopping street in upscale Östermalm is this classy and beautiful restaurant. A global fusion restaurant that marries flavors from Europe with a hint of Asian flavors in subtle and complex ways. This is a restaurant that you would be pleasantly surprised by the flavor bursts and classy yet trendy interiors. A great place for a date night or snagging that important business deal!

The Flying Elk

A convenient spot in historic Gamla Stan right by the T-bana station, outfitted like a classy British pub. The food is many steps above a typical British pub so do not be fooled. It is still very Swedish with probably the best Kalixlöjröm appetizer and fish and chips! Come here for a family dinner or brunch.

Check out the full recommended list by Michelin.

There are obviously a lot more restaurants that are excellent in Stockholm beyond the Michelin guide. A tip with popular restaurants in Stockholm, it is recommended to book a table in advance of your visit because they can get very busy and you will likely be turned away.

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Author: Alaine Handa

Alaine Handa is a travel blogger, foodie, and wine student who is obsessed with chokladbollar and taking a fika paus wherever she is in the world. Follow her travels at her blog, Travel With Alaine.

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