Inside Spritmuseum: The Museum of Spirits

Inside Spritmuseum: The Museum of Spirits

Holly Eells explores the Spritmuseum which features unique and unexpected exhibitions covering Sweden’s relationship with alcohol.

Photo credit: Jonas Lindström / Spritmuseum

The Museum of Spirits is an innovative venue located in a pair of 18th century navy sheds on the beautiful island of Djurgården. Described as Sweden’s most tasteful museum, it takes you on an engaging journey into Sweden’s history with alcohol and demonstrates this through informative yet engaging exhibitions. Alcohol was a major problem in Sweden during the 1800s and the country still has one of Europe’s strictest controls on the sale of booze. Most hard liquor is still sold through the government-run Systembolaget stores.

The museum space itself isn’t very big, but it has been cleverly put together with interactive exhibits and plenty of information in English. Before entering the venue, it prepares you for a fulfilling experience with the following:

Here, your senses will be drawn into the ins and outs of spirits. With darkness and light, warmth and cold, the good and the bad, the fun of it all.

Photo credit: Per Myrehed / Spritmuseum

There are many fascinating exhibits that look at alcohol’s effect on lust, sin, sex and romance and as you might expect, a pretty large chunk of the Museum is devoted to the ‘morning after’. It is inevitable if you have had one too many drinks, you will have experienced the highs and lows of getting drunk and here you’ll find plenty you can identify with, including the hangover room and the drunk quiz!

Squeeze the little rubber pumps and you’ll get wafts of intoxicating flavours of snaps made in Sweden such as citrus, dill and elderflower. If you want the real deal, pay an extra 150 SEK extra to receive a tray of samples to try as you walk around the Museum.

Photo credit: Spritmuseum

Head into the vintage style caravan with its very own sound system and listen to Swedish “snapsvisor” (drinking songs). These are the songs traditionally sung at dinner parties before everyone gulps down a shot. However, there are more than 200 songs to choose from so it’s impossible to get through, but they mostly share a common theme: getting drunk.

If you’re feeling thirsty at the end, the Museum has its own tasting room and fabulous bar. Its restaurant is one of Stockholm’s top-ranked establishments and boasts a spectacular view of the harbor entrance of the city.

Rumour has it that they have their very own complimentary jetty too!

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The Spritmuseum hosts permanent and special exhibitions throughout the year so it is always worth a second visit.

Photo credit: Helén Pe / Spritmuseum

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Author: Holly Louise Eells

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