Cooking classes in Stockholm

Lola A. Åkerström spotlights various cooking classes in Stockholm to try.


Spending a full morning or afternoon learning about local food traditions through hands-on learning is one of the ways to slacken your pace in a city and explore it deeper.

From various courses teaching you how to make Sweden’s own traditional equivalent of American soul food called husmanskost to fusion cooking classes inspired by various world cuisines, here are some cooking classes and groups in Stockholm worth exploring on your next trip to the city.

Swedish Taste

Swedish Taste in Stockholm organizes unique cooking experiences such as preparing four-course seasonal menus, educational food evenings, wine courses, walking dinners, and even food styling with photography sessions as well.

Meetup – Cooking in Stockholm

The free Cooking in Stockholm Meetup Group shares information about various cooking workshops and food-related lectures including a list of upcoming food festivals you can attend while in Stockholm. It is run by Kalle Söderman who offers an online IngredientMatcher which shows you different recipes you can make with the ingredients you have in your pantry.

Cooking Courses through

This massive clearinghouse of courses all around town offers up a listing of various restaurants and kitchens which are offering cooking classes in Stockholm – from renting chefs to Italian cooking courses and traditional Swedish cuisine.

Adam & Albin Matstudio

Celebrity chefs Adam Dahlberg & Albin Wessman open up their food studio and teach you some professional cooking techniques they use for the freshest seafood, meat, and seasonal vegetables.  The course starts off with champagne and snacks alongside an introduction to the ingredients they’ll be using under the course. They also teach about meat quality and use a 600C degree charcoal grill as well.


Dumpling classes at EAT (European Asian Taste)

Under the direction of master Chinese dumpling chefs at EAT (European Asian Taste), you get to make five kinds of dumplings from different regions in China and the dumplings vary in flavor, style, consistency, and texture. Each lesson ends with a dinner where you get to eat the dumplings you made together​​. Dumpling Masters Jiao Wang Hong Mei and Chen Xueqin score your dumplings and select the winner. The price is a starter kit to get you started with making your own dumplings at home. Read about contributor Sandra Carpenter’s Dumpling Lessons at EAT.


Foodlab Matstudio

You can learn to create a variety of dishes at the Foodlab – from Italian pasta classics and rich French cooking to a variety of Spanish tapas including techniques and sauces for creating your own dinner parties. The locale itself located in Östermalm holds five professional kitchens on two floors and Rent-a-chef operates out of it. So you can always rent a professional chef as well to prepare culinary feasts for you and your friends.

Cooking evenings at NOGA

Popular restaurant NOGA which stands for “Nordiska Gastronomi” serves freshly baked bread and hand-whipped butter alongside Nordic cuisine in a French Bistro style setting. Its cooking nights are culinary experiences where you get to work with its chefs to learn some Nordic gastronomy tips such as making your own spicy sausage and broiling fresh fish as well as indulging in a four-course meal.

Cooking classes at The Restaurant Academy

The Restaurant Academy (Restaurang Akademien) offers courses for private individuals who are cooking enthusiasts with a passion for learning professional techniques to try at home. You can choose from several different directions and culinary themes including food challenges for working with various ingredients such as seafood, the best barbecue techniques and sauces, and how to make complex desserts look easy. Many of its instructors are TV personalities and authors behind bestselling cookbooks.

Swedish cooking class through Viator

You can also book Swedish cooking classes in Stockholm through Viator. You’ll learn to cook a three-course traditional Swedish dinners such as marinated salmon with mustard and dill potatoes, elk meatballs with juniper berry cream sauce, and Scanian apple pie.  The course starts with a welcome drink as well as lessons from professional chefs on how to work with various ingredients and the secrets of Swedish cooking before you try your hand at it yourself.

Swedish Cook Along with Stockholm Our Way

If you book a cooking class through Stockholm Our Way, you also get to go with a group of fellow travelers to the Foodlab Matstudio above for a 2.5-hour lunch cooking session where you’ll learn how to make a two-course Swedish lunch under the supervision of a professional sous chef.

Indian Cooking Classes

Cooking with Sanjoo Malhotra is a culinary journey through India. In addition to learning to cook a variety of regional Indian delicacies, you also learn about Indian food history and culture. For example, what the differences between North and South Indian food traditions are, and what distinguishes Bengali, Gujarati and Punjabi style from each other.

Learn to cook Indian and Bengali dishes with Shanti Restaurant owner Nahid Hassan and learn the differences between classic spice mixes such as korma, garam masala and tandoori.

Japanase Cooking Courses by Miyabi

Learn modern Japanese cooking using Swedish ingredients in this cooking class which is in a modern Japanese setting. You will prepare and decorate the Japanese dishes, learn how to set the table and the traditional way to have the dinner (do’s and don’ts) with Japanese tea and wine.


NOTE – A lot of these courses are offered in Swedish but since almost everyone in Stockholm speaks English, you can denote that when you sign up. Also many of these courses are best enjoyed if traveling in the company of others, but again, denote if you are a solo traveler when getting in touch with the various companies and food labs above.

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Author: Lola A. Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning writer, photographer, and travel blogger, and is also the Founder/Editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm. Her photography is represented by National Geographic Creative. She tweets at @LolaAkinmade.

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