Brunch on S/S Stockholm

Kendra Valentine takes us on a cozy brunch adventure aboard S/S Stockholm.

Stromma Brunch Cruise

All photos courtesy of Claes Helander


The faint music of the quintessential Swedish troubadour, Evert Taube, becomes clearer as we go to the upper deck to be seated by our server. As the boat departs on our leisurely three hour tour around Stockholm’s archipelago, the tour guide chimes in and begins an insightful prologue about Stockholm. It is easy to tune out in the dining room, full of mild chatter and drink orders being delivered. Nonetheless, it’s a nice overture for the journey ahead.

Stromma Brunch Cruise

The brunch features classic fare one finds on the traditional Swedish buffet table: an assortment of marinated herring, of which the senapsill (herring in mustard sauce) and chilisill are my favorites. The buffet also features pan-fried and pickled herring, both warm and cold smoked salmon, an assortment of salads, and novelties like halved hard-boiled eggs with shrimp salad delicately placed on top.

Stromma Brunch Cruise


Shortly thereafter, the warm dishes arrive: bacon, a gourmet omelette, roasted chicken legs… I am still indulging in the fresh croissants, but quickly reassess my goals and return to the buffet. The brunch buffet offers an intriguing assortment of dishes, and a great example of classic Swedish holiday fare at the same time. However, the stand out portion of this brunch is without a doubt the dessert buffet.

Stromma Brunch Cruise

As you start to explore the various offerings, you are sure to be overwhelmed at where to begin. There is something for everyone, and a few things you may rarely have otherwise. There is even a classic assortment of fruit and cheeses on the accompanying table across the room, for the traditionalists. Truly, this dessert table is worth the trip alone.

Every Saturday & Sunday, the S/S Stockholm departs for a three-hour brunch cruise comprised of traditional Swedish dishes.


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Author: Kendra Valentine

Stockholm-based Boston-native Kendra Williams-Valentine is a creative at heart with an entrepreneurial spirit. She is currently developing a children's media concept and book, as well as copywriting freelance and maintaining the food blog:
She has been involved with Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and was selected for the inaugural inter-disciplinary class for their White Label program. There she represented SSES at London Business School for the European Business Plan of the Year competition with her business plan for a food product she developed.
She has previously worked as a Production and Producer's Assistant on major feature films for studios such as Warner Bros. and Universal in the US, as well as commercials.

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