Breweries in Stockholm

Breweries in Stockholm

For beer lovers, Neelam Varia rounds up some of the best breweries in Stockholm.

Sweden may well have strict alcohol laws, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for experimentation. Stockholm is peppered with breweries (and microbreweries) each brewing interesting, funky beers.

Amongst all these, there’s bound to be something for you so here are some of the best breweries in Stockholm.

Stockholm Brewing Company

Stockholm Brewing Company was launched in 2010 by two childhood friends. Over the years, they’ve produced countless beers, including a range of collaborations, limited edition special beers, and cellar brewed beers. They’re the first brewery in Stockholm to have gained the right to sell their beer straight from the brewery – though this wasn’t without some legal battle. Still, every Friday, during the summer, they open themselves up as a brewpub, giving you the chance to sample all their beers. And it’s here you’ll find some of the more experimental beers, especially since there is a focus to keep the ingredients local.


Famed for their funky bottles, Omnipollo was founded in 2011 and has since won a host of awards. The brewery is an interesting collaboration between Henok Fentie – who had prior been home-brewing for years, and Karl Grandin – an illustrator/graphic designer (hence the bottles). They brew beer they want to drink, which has paid off, because now they boast a strong following. A short distance from the brewery is Omnipollo Hatt – a bar where alongside the beer, you can feast on sourdough pizza.

NYA Carnegiebryggeriat

NYA Carnegiebryggeriat is a joint venture between Carlsberg Sweden and Brooklyn Brewery, with all brewing staff being hired and trained by the latter. The brewery opens up at specific times for tours during which visitors are also given a selection of beers to taste. Food is on offer to soak up all that beer – pretty good food, we may add – the Head Chef has worked in some pretty amazing restaurants around Sweden. As well as all this, the brewery is situated in Hammarby Sjöstad, by the water, so yes, you can get there by boat.

Pang Pang Brewery

Pang Pang Brewery is the brainchild of Frederik Tunedal, and also happens to be one of Sweden’s smallest breweries. All their beer is brewed by hand and because of this, as well as their tiny location, they only brew a limited number of beers. What they’re most famous for, however, is probably their venture with creative agency SNASK. With SNASK, they’ve created a globally renown shower beer. That’s right, a beer specifically designed to be consumed in the shower. While the bottle is only 18CL, it certainly packs a punch at 10% abv.

Modernist Brewery

Located on the ‘hipster island’ of Södermalm, Modernist Brewery is indeed, all about modern brewing. They begun life as part of an artist collective, brewing in the same building as a paint factory. Now, they share a space with craft gin distillery Stockholms Bränneri; at various beer festivals they’ll collaborate, so keep an eye out for their cocktails. The beers are all handmade and bottle conditioned, which as beer nerds will know, gives the beer more depth, character and flavour.

Gamla Enskede Bryggeri

Gamla Enskede Bryggeri is a tiny brewery, producing just four beers, all of low alcohol content. The brewery was born from the increased interest in lower abv beers, as well as an increased interest in craft beers. Former school teacher Robin Johnander began the project, brewing the beers in pots and pans and selling by the glass. Needless to say, interest in the product grew exponentially, leading to a brewery being built in Robin’s garage, and production increasing to a more mass scale.

Monks Cafe and Brewery

Monks are in fact owners of two breweries – one located just a stones throw from T-Centralen, and the other on Gamla Stan. The former brews all sorts of experimental beer, while the latter focuses almost exclusively on porter and stout. What makes the breweries truly special however, are their classes for the public. Brewmasters work with groups to create unique beers – be it for special occasions or just for fun.

Hopsan Brewing

The clue is in their name. If you like hoppy beer, this is for you. Hopsan is located slightly out of town, in the suburb of Gröndal. They begun brewing beer in their kitchen, but of course, outgrew this and so last year, they took over an old abandoned bakery, and transformed it into a brewery. Their beers are not yet widely available, but they’re only young, so watch this space.

Sundbybergs Köksbryggeri

Again, this one’s a little further out of town, but it is definitely worth the trip. Being housed in an old church, it’s especially unique. The bar is situated on the upper floors, but offers visitors a spectacular view over the entire production. And if you want experimental, some of the ingredients used include spinach, beets, elderberry and passionfruit.

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Author: Neelam Varia

Neelam Varia is a freelance writer from London and is now based in Stockholm. She writes about food, events, restaurants and pop-ups, both professionally and on her personal blog. You’ll find her spending her spare time with an IPA at a music festival somewhere across Europe, baking her own cupcakes or planning her own restaurant. Follow her blog or on Instagram.

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