Behind the Scenes: Stockholm Film Festival 2017

Behind the Scenes: 2017 Stockholm Film Festival

The 2017 Stockholm International Film Festival is about to get underway and Christie Petrakopoulou shows us what to expect.

All photos courtesy of Stockholm International Film Festival

October is finally here in Stockholm along with the rain, cold and darkness. However, keep your spirits high because we’re only one month away from Stockholm’s biggest annual film event, Stockholm International Film Festival (SFF) that will take place from November 8-19.

Git Scheynius – Festivalchef, Photo: Knut Koivisto

Hobo Hotel hosted SFF’s press conference and with “No time to spare” according to press director Dante Stjernberg, the stage was given to Festival Director Git Scheynius and Programme Coordinators Maria Razakamboly and Florent Fagerström.

Throughout the press conference the trio introduced the different sections and shared their personal film tips. This year’s Stockholm’s celebration of ‘The Seventh Art’ will include 400 screenings of which 150 will be premieres of films from 60 different countries.

At the festival’s 28th edition, Stockholm’s film lovers will get the chance to see among others, films from Latin America with a focus on Chile, including Los Perros by Marcela Said (Chile, 94 min) and Fantastic Woman by Sebastián Lelio (Chile, 104 min).

The opening film will be The Shape Of Water by Guillermo del Toro (USA, 123 min). SFF prides itself on being a directors’ festival that opens a window to the film world. The 2017 guest list will include 50 directors and actors from around the world.

Check out the schedule to see when your favorite director will be in town and get the change to meet them during their Face2Face Q&A.

SFF’s annual theme aims to challenge and raise awareness about taboo issues that modern society still needs to tackle.

Who can forget last year’s Identity theme?

This year’s Spotlight category films will revolve around the theme “Change”. The six (6) films in this category will depict the changing times we live in today packed with increased political and social challenges, climate changes and last but not, least humanitarian disasters.

Not to miss are: Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow (Germany, 140 min), Waster! The Story of Food Waste by Anna Chai and Nari Kye (USA, 85 min) as well as Zagros by Sahib Omar Kalifa (Belgium, 100 min).

View the film listings here.

The festival’s “Industry Days” which will be held during November 16-18 will include interesting seminars, screenings, work-in-progress presentations and other activities. Industry Days are three key days through out the festival where the Swedish and International film industry meets. An excellent opportunity to make new contacts and meet people from all over the world.

Apart from lifting new directors and actors with promising careers –think that Alicia Vikander got SFF’s Rising Star 2010 Award and today she’s one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses– the festival takes into serious consideration the importance of gender equality and thus lifts female directors. This year, they’ve accomplished this by putting together a program that consists of films made by a 50-50 split between male and female directors.

Last but not least, this year’s festival will be devoted to acclaimed Swedish actor Mikael Nyqvist who passed away earlier this year. The Stockholm Visionary Award 2017 goes to Pablo Larraín, one of the most important representatives of the post-military dictatorship Chilean cinema.

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 goes to cinema veteran Vanessa Redgrave with an active career spanning five decades not only in film but also in political dialogue.

Check out the festival’s website regarding screenings and film synopsis and book your tickets before they sold out.

Film lovers, see you in Stockholm from November 8-19!

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Author: Christie Petrakopoulou

Christie Petrakopoulou is a journalist from Athens. Currently based in Stockholm, Christie believes in the power of story-telling and wants to inspire people by narrating the stories of others. She is a dance and film enthusiast, food lover, social media addict and travel junkie that lives for the moment. Follow her on her blog or Instagram.

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