Backstage: Materials from Living Fashion Show

Backstage: Materials from Living Fashion Show

Photographer Annaliese Comelab takes us behind the scenes of a fashion show in Stockholm.

All photos by Annaliese Comelab

Beckmans College of Design often presents its young upcoming and talented fashion designers in carefully curated shows. This winter, its second year fashion design students debuted their collections on material experimentation and textile techniques.

From slicing, boiling, knitting, embroidery, cutting and painting different materials, the young designers were able to create their own unique individual collections based on the theme ‘Spill’.

Here are some of their designs:

The collection ‘Incitement’ by Sofia Isdahl includes materials such acrylics, epoxy resins and and digital print techniques.

Designer Emma Wåhlin explores shame through painting, embroidering and knitting silicon, lace, plastic, hair, beads and feathers.

Benedicte Eggesbø’s collection ‘Habitual Body’ mixes materials such as leather, nylon and digital prints.

Jannica Hagfors’ collection experiments with oilcloth and some serious knitting in her self-developed wooden needles – the longest one being one meter long and the widest being three centimeters. Jannica says she has sown up to 53 meters of material to create these impressive outfits.

Erik Olsson touches on future dystopia through his collection ‘Phobos’ through quilt, cloqué, cutting, foiling and screen print.

Designer Emma Wåhlin’s collection with materials and techniques including painting, embroidery and knitted silicon, lace, plastic, hair, beads and feathers.

Sandra Saeidi on rope, flounce, frills and feathers.

Fo Phan’s collection ‘Disruption – (Self)’ on satin, shibori, screen and digital prints.

Editor’s note – You can view more of Annaliese’s images from the Beckmans’ fashion show in Stockholm here.

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Author: Annaliese Comelab

Annaliese Comelab is a creative photographer with work experience in London, Melbourne, Sydney and now currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. She works in portraits, performance arts (dance, music, theatre), corporate headshots and events, reportage, travel and fine art. When she is not looking through the lens, you can find her spending time with her family and cycling around the city. Follow her visual logs on her blog

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