Photos: The Spirit of Stockholm’s Christmas Markets

Lola A. Åkerström shares the festive spirit of Stockholm’s Christmas Markets in photos.

All photos by author

All photos by author

Trying to capture in words the seasonal Christmas spirit that flows through Stockholm’s veins during this time of year is challenging. The smell of mulled wine (glögg), gingerbread cookies (pepparkakor), saffron buns (lussekatter), candied almonds roasting in large street-side woks, and various sweet smelling wafts all urging us to start relaxing and taking inventory of the current year so we can start the new year afresh with new goals and new possibilities.


I love perusing seasonal markets such as Stortorgets Julmarknad (Christmas Market) in Gamla stan or the Julmarknad in Kungsträdgården, moving through wooden stalls of red timber filled with artisans and vendors selling decorations, Christmas gnomes, glass ornaments, handmade preservatives and jams, smoked meats, spices, cheeses, ginger cookies, and glögg, amongst other seasonal items. While the city has a handful of popular markets which I will link to after the photos, most of these markets all sell similar handmade crafts

Here are a few Christmas market photos to show you how we Stockholmers welcome the festive season: Christmas_Market_In_Gamla_Stan8 Stortorget4 Stortorget Lola_Akerstrom_Christmas_04 Lola_Akerstrom_Christmas_01 Seasonal_shopping_off_Hamngatan2 Lola_Akerstrom_Christmas_03 Christmas_Market_In_Gamla_Stan11 Christmas_Market_In_Gamla_Stan2 Stortorget1 Seasonal_shopping_off_Hamngatan1 Lola_Akerstrom_Christmas_02 Christmas_Market_In_Gamla_Stan1

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Author: Lola A. Åkerström

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning writer, photographer, and travel blogger, and is also the Founder/Editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm. Her photography is represented by National Geographic Creative. She tweets at @LolaAkinmade.

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