Performing Arts and Dance Events in Stockholm

Performing Arts and Dance Events in Stockholm

Alaine Handa discovers the best places for dance and performing arts in Stockholm.

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Inspired by a Swan Lake adaptation by the Cullberg Ballet and the choreography by Mats Ek, I checked out what performing arts events are available in Stockholm. As a former professional contemporary dancer, there is still a heartbeat of dance that prompts me to look for dance classes, workshops, festivals, and performances in different cities.

Stockholm, a city with a lot going on, has a ton of dance events, performances, and experiences throughout the year.

Performing Arts and Dance Museums in Stockholm

performing arts stockholm

Dansmuseet —an entire museum about dance in Sweden and Stockholm located in central Stockholm. If you like dance history, museums, or have a budding young dancer in your family, this is a great first stop to become acquainted with Swedish dance.

There is a lot of information about Royal Swedish Ballet and the Marie Cullberg, founder of the Cullberg Ballet. There are little mock-ups of the different stages and costumes worn by dancers over the ages.

Scenkonstmuseet—the performing arts library should be your next stop in discovering dance and performing arts in Sweden. The dance exhibit on the second floor of the building has a really beautiful dance film explaining the different types of dance in Sweden. You might even be inspired to dance—I certainly was! The museum also has theater, opera, and music exhibits to enjoy.

Dance Academies

The Cullberg Ballet— is Sweden’s premier contemporary dance company founded in 1967 by Birgit Cullberg. Today this company is known internationally as a repertoire company. A repertoire company performs works by various different choreographers at any given time.

Hosting international recognized choreographers to work with its talented dancers and tour around Europe and the rest of the world. I first saw this company perform at UCLA’s Royce concert hall many years ago as a young dance student. The dancers are from all over the world and phenomenal performers.

If you get a chance to catch this company in action you will see world-class contemporary dance. Their next performance in Stockholm will be in February 2019.

Ballettakademien—the dance school for budding professional dancers to get their undergraduate degree and dancers to get a year-long certificate in Contemporary dance or Jazz/commercial dancers. They also have classes available for drop-ins and full terms for everyone from beginners to senior citizens. The degree program has end-of-semester performances that are open to the public.

Royal Swedish Ballet Company—the national ballet and contemporary ballet dance company. Headquartered at Kungliga Operan theater, they present over 100 programs on the main stage every year.

The Nutcracker, Nötknäpparen, is a yearly holiday tradition for many families and is a favorite among children. Be sure to book your tickets early as they sell out quickly.

Performing Arts Stockholm

Dansens hus—a performing arts center that showcases contemporary dance at its finest in Stockholm. International and Swedish based companies are presented here. In 2019, they will host the Batsheva Dance Company from Israel, which is one of the best contemporary dance companies in the world.

Dance Festivals

Stockholm Tap festival—this yearly tap dance festival is gaining more recognition among tap dancers around the world as the tap festival to attend. I attended the festival in 2015 and took the most exciting workshops from master teachers.

With a talented faculty from around the world, I was certainly inspired by them but also by fellow participants. Master classes and workshops occur during the day, performances, and improvisation jams in the evening. If you are a tap dancer, I highly recommend checking out this annual festival in April.

Stockholm Fringe Festival—an annual multidisciplinary arts festival that happens at the beginning of September. Not just a dance festival but the fringe circuit is an exciting time to check out new acts.

This year will be special as 2019 is Stockholm fringe festival’s 10th year anniversary and should be fun to attend.

As a former fringe artist in the fringe circuit, I always meet awesome creative artists at fringe festivals.

Performing Arts Stockholm

Stockholm Dansfilm Festival—a specialty annual dance film festival that started in 2015 presenting films from Sweden and around the world. If you like experimental films and dance, I would highly recommend checking this out.

Dance films are a complete genre of films that is expanding in outreach around the world as it documents the fleeting nature of dance and takes it out of the traditional theater setting into unconventional locations.

Dansbutiken—the shop to get your ballet shoes, leotards, dance bags, leg warmers, ballroom shoes, tap dance shoes, jazz slippers, and of course various dance related paraphernalia. Located by Central station in Stockholm, you will find this well-stocked store on a quieter street.

Performing Arts Stockholm

Dance is all around

These are only a few offerings of dance in Stockholm, as you can tell Stockholm has countless festivals, performances, and studios to explore.

If you know more festivals and dance offerings in and around the Stockholm region feel free to comment and let everyone know.

As a former dancer, concert dance is special to me, but also because it is one of those art forms that does not get the recognition it deserves like music, art, or theater. Dance is a fleeting art form that takes a while to understand but becomes addictive to watch. Dancers work very hard all their lives for those fleeting moments on the stage.

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